Class 1 & 2 Handwork

11 February 2021

"In handwork our hands are nimble and quick!" This is the beginning of the song we sing together, as we make our way into the handwork space.

In the first week for Class 1, Elizabeth told a summer story of the baby dolphin learning to jump in and out of the water. The children were given ocean blue cloth to Dolphin Stitch into, creating the straight and the curved line. This cloth will later be turned into a counting bag for the children to use in their lessons with their Class Teacher Jennifer. Class 2, meanwhile, have begun work on their long stitch pencil cases, a project that will see them first stitch and then sew together their own pencil case to use for many years to come. They create a landscape of pointy mountains and deep valleys, flat-top mountains and castle castellations. From then on, every spare moment they can be found stitching away! In Kindergarten each child sews their own craft bag with their name and an image, and this bag will travel with them through all of the primary classes at Glenaeon.