Class 1 Garden with Rod and Sandra

17 November 2022

Class 1 had a visitor - Rob Greatholder from Warrah Farm - come to work and learn with them during Gardening Class with teacher Sandra Frain this week. Rob came to see how we teach gardening at Glenaeon and to share his own experiences from Warrah Farm. Rob brought organic seedlings, ready to plant out with the children and they got straight to work! Rob was Warrah’s Farm Manager for 6 years before moving into his current role co-ordinating Warrah’s social therapeutic horticulture programs. Rob has been farming and gardening for the last 15 years and has a Diploma of Biodynamic Agriculture from the UK. He has worked in different parts of the world, on broad acre biodynamic farms and market gardens, to 1 acre no-dig permaculture models and off-grid community reforestation projects. He is also an experienced guest speaker on horticulture. Thank you Rob for coming to garden and learn with Class 1 and Gardening teacher Sandra Frain! A warm than you always to parent volunteer Guchi Guevara who assists in Gardening lessons every week at our Castlecrag Campus. See : Farm also has a wonderful Fruit & Veggie Coop that delivers boxes to our Castlecrag and Middle Cove Campuses every Tuesday afternoon. Families receive top quality organic and biodynamic produce, while supporting a fellow Steiner organisation. Warrah Society is a disability services organisation with its own certified biodynamic farm in Dural. Warrah-grown produce is supplemented with fresh produce and other goods supplied by certified organic producers. Warrah’s Specialist School and Discovery Program participants work on bagging salad mix and dry goods, weighing fruit and vegetables, packing boxes, loading the delivery van and assisting with deliveries to various collection points in Sydney. All profits from the Farm Shop go towards Warrah’s disability services. Anyone interested in signing up for an order should send an email requesting more information to Debbie at