Class 1 and 2 MidWinter Spiral

21 June 2023

Classes 1 and 2 walked a beautiful Winter Spiral, formed from cuttings and branches from the families gardens. The Winter Solstice is a time of the shortest day and longest night, and when we celebrate our MidWinter Festivals. The children walked the spiral with an unlit candle in an apple to the centre light, lighting their own in a moment of inner reflection, and place the candle to form an ever-growing spiral of light. By the end, the room is filled with the magic and wonder of the light created. The children all sing beautiful Winter Songs and play recorder, as well as live music, story and poetry. Thanks to our wonderful parent volunteers who helped to create the spiral and apples and Clair Citserne, Monty, Linda, Melony and teachers Jonathan Shaw and Jamie Loftus for this beautiful event.