Class 1 Aboriginal Dreaming

07 October 2021

Class One has recently completed a Main Lesson centred on stories from the Aboriginal Dreaming. Stories of those animals unique to Australia were featured, giving a picture of these creatures in their natural habitat, and of course expressing their characteristics, in ways both humorous and profound. We heard about Tiddalik the Frog, who drank all the water in the billabong, and how the other animals tried to make him laugh so all the water would be restored to its rightful place. We heard about the special Platypus, who was invited by the birds to join their special group, by the water creatures to join theirs, and by the land animals, too. We heard, too, a legend about how the spirits in the sky asked Kookaburra to wake them each morning with his raucous laughter, so they would remember to light the fire of the sun each day. These stories were beautifully illustrated by the children, who also wrote sentences to encapsulate a significant theme or moment from each tale. In this way, the children developed both their literacy skills and an appreciation of our natural environment and the cultures of the indigenous communities who wove these tales for the benefit and enjoyment of all.