Class 1 & 2 Winter Spiral

17 June 2021

Class 1 and 2 celebrated the upcoming winter solstice in their winter spiral, held today at our Castlecrag campus. The significance of the spiral is finding light in the darkness. For those who are new to the winter spiral, it is a tradition in Steiner schools. Greenery and foliage will be laid on the floor to create a spiral. In the centre of the spiral is a lit candle. The room is darkened (or it is night time if held outdoors) and each student takes a turn to walk the spiral holding an unlit candle resting in an apple. As they reach the centre, they light their candle from the centre candle and then retrace their steps out of the spiral. The child brings forth the light as they walk outward and chooses a place along the spiral to set down their lit candle. As they each have a turn, more and more lit candles grace the spiral, and the room becomes increasingly filled with light and a beautiful spiral of lit candles. It was a truly beautiful event and thank you to all who helped by bringing in foliage, helped prepare it and were able to take part.