Class 1 & 2 Castlecrag Winter Spiral

24 June 2022

It is time for our Castlecrag Winter Festivals which includes the Class 1 & 2 Winter Spiral– a time of inward reflection and light in the darkness of Winter. We celebrate this by walking a beautiful spiral, lighting a candle in the centre and bringing this inner light forth as we journey outwards, placing the light amongst others in an ever-growing and glowing form. It is magical, reverent and exquisite. The actual Winter Solstice – the longest night and shortest day fell on June 21st. The significance of the spiral is finding light in the darkness. In the centre of the foliage spiral is a lit candle. The room is darkened and each child takes a turn to walk the spiral holding an unlit candle resting in an apple. As they reach the centre, they light their candle and retrace their steps out of the spiral. The child brings forth the light as they walk outward and chooses a place along the spiral to set down their own candle. As they each have a turn, more and more lit candles grace the spiral, and the room becomes increasingly filled with shining lights. The mood is quiet and still, apart from singing and gentle music. Music and songs included lyre, recorder, piano, glockenspiel and the beautiful winter songs of the children. Thank you to our lovely parent helpers who prepared the spiral and candles for the children.

"Through the darkness we shall go
With our candles all aglow
Heart grows warm and 
Way grows bright
As we journey through the night"