Celebrating Chinese New Year in Big Kindy

15 February 2023

An important part of the Kindy year is the rich celebration of festivals to mark the seasons and important annual events.

This week, Ming-Yu Chen, our invaluable Kindy assistant, has shared some aspects of her cultural heritage to help us celebrate Chinese New Year.

Welcoming the parents and children was our blackboard greeting, "xīn nián kuài lè or Xin nian Kuai Lei" GOOD LUCK and GOOD FORTUNE.

Throughout the week we have had stories and games to give a very subtle nod to The Year of the Rabbit. We began to craft a pom pom rabbit in handwork. We looked on in amazement, as Ming-Yu Chen ‘performed’ Chinese calligraphy (the art of writing) to create auspicious words and phrases, to wish us all well and bring lots of good luck.

The week culminated with the two Big Kindy classes coming together to sing a Chinese song of celebration and to share a delicious feast of Chinese dumplings cooked for us by the parents under the direction of Lisa, (Leah’s Mum) and Grace, (Jensen’s Mum).