Celebrating birthdays in the Little Kindy

03 March 2022

In Little Kindy we have been celebrating some of the first birthdays for the year. As each child in the Little Kindy turns five their birthday is acknowledged with a special ritual and celebration.  As part of the preparation for this celebration the children help make a birthday book and bake a cake. On the day of the birthday a seasonal birthday table is prepared, flowers are picked, songs are sung and a birthday story is told. The birthday story tells of a little star child who looks down on earth and longs to be born. When the time is right for each child to be born on earth they receive their heavenly gifts from the stars, sun and moon and then travel across the rainbow bridge to earth where they are welcomed by their chosen family.  The children all look forward to each birthday being celebrated. The mood that is created is reverent and honours the unique individuality of each child.