Celebrating Birthdays in Kindergarten

13 March 2024

Birthdays in Kindergarten are festive occasions that give us a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and acknowledge each child with love and reverence. We make a birthday book, bake a cake, decorate a seasonal candle table, share songs and share the food we have prepared. The teacher prepares a little handmade gift for each child and at the center of each celebration is the telling of the birthday story by the teacher. This story brings an imaginative picture of each child’s unique journey into the world. The children hear the story of Little Starchild who looks down from the heavenly garden and longs to be born on earth. The Starchild journeys through the heavens with their angel and receives the heavenly gifts from the sun, moon and stars that they will bring to earth. And then, when the right parents have been found, the right preparations have been made and the time is just right, the angel leads the Starchild to the gate of birth. The child is born on earth and welcomed to their new abode.    

It was 6 years ago today, today

That __________ came down from the heavens to stay

S/he came to bring gladness and joy to the earth

Good people and angels were there at her birth.

Now let us all join in singing

Happy Birthday dear ____________.

This story, brings enormous security to the children. They feel welcomed, acknowledged and held in a bigger picture of the unconscious wisdom that brings meaning to our lives.