Carols and Shepherds: Christmas is Coming

17 November 2022

The Carol Service, one of Glenaeon’s signature events, is about to return, and its been three years in the waiting. We’ve had a gradual return to normal community life, and this will be an even more special end of year than usual.

We celebrate our end of year by coming together as a community for a non-denominational festival of the season, Monday November 28th in the Pitt Street Uniting Church in the city.

It’s in a church but this is not a church service. It’s all about the music but it’s not just carols. Christmas has a vast range of music to offer, not just the traditional carols. Our Head of Music Ian Munns has selected a repertoire that balances some traditional with some beautiful contemporary, and he has come up with an uplifting and inspiring program.

The festival Is not about belief, it’s about mood: a blend of the reverent and the joyful, an inward mood that creatively captures the spirit of the season.  The music is beautiful, and our students carry the evening in a range of choirs and ensembles. The mood is created right from the beginning as the Class 4 students entry in procession carrying candles. The mood is accessible to all faiths and expresses the school’s tolerant and diverse culture.

There are many former students and families of Glenaeon who come back specially to the Carol Service to enjoy our unique manner of celebrating Christmas. For many it’s like a tonic, a dose of a warm and inspiring community experience that for many complements the rush of the Christmas season that is about to begin. To quote TS Elliot, it’s a still point in the turning world of Christmas.

Our Carol Service involves every student from Class 4 to Year 11. There is an important role to play for every student who we expect to attend in full school uniform. Students should arrive by 6.15pm at the latest, for a 6.30pm start.

All families in the school are invited, although we do ask that parents who bring any younger children take responsibility to supervise them during the proceedings.

I can guarantee the service will send you home uplifted by the music and joyful in spirit.

Then on Thursday December 8th our teachers continue the long-held tradition of performing The Shepherds Play in the Sylvia Brose Hall at Middle Cove. This Christmas gift to the students is a recreation of one of the York Mystery plays from the Middle Ages and is always a treat for all. There will be an evening performance at 7pm to which all parents are invited.