Careers Corner with Rod Mounjed

03 February 2023



Top tips for starting University.

The paperwork is done: you’ve accepted your university offer and enrolled. But what can you expect when you actually arrive on campus?

We asked current students for their top tips for starting university.


University of Sydney - HSC Society and Culture PIP Consultations – Applications Now Open

Hosted by the Department of Gender and Cultural Studies, the Personal Interest Project (PIP) consultation sessions aim to support Year 12 HSC Society and Culture students with their projects via Zoom. Discuss PIP topics with our PhD students in virtual 15-minute, one-to-one consultations. Students can use their time for an expert interview, a topic area discussion, or project design consultation. Applications are now open.


University of Sydney - Pathways to studying Law

8 March

Interested in studying law or becoming a lawyer? Join us to find out about the pathways that you can take to enter our Bachelor of Law program and how it will help set you up for success in your career aspirations for law. Learn about the different degree combinations that you can choose from to further specialise your knowledge and skills in the legal field of your interest.


University of Sydney - Share your passion for learning as a Secondary Teacher

8 March

Are you looking to become a qualified high school teacher or education professional? Join our webinar and hear what Associate Professor Kelly Freebody has to say about the new Secondary Education degree. The combination of Arts or Science study, Education units and professional placements provides our graduates with the knowledge and skills they need to be outstanding teachers and future leaders.


JMC Game Design Work Experience Program

Applications close 31 March.

JMC Academy are accepting applications for their 4-day (29th May - 2nd June) work experience program for Year 10 and 11 students. Students must have a genuine interest in working in game design and provide supporting evidence of their interest.


What You Need to Know About Your Rights as a Casual Employee

There are several different types of employment arrangements under Australia’s workplace laws. One of the most common types that students work under is casual employment. Casual jobs are defined as jobs that usually:

·      Are short-term or temporary

·      Involve irregular hours

·      aren't guaranteed to be ongoing

·      Provide extra hourly rate as they don't provide paid holiday leave or sick leave.

Generally speaking, casual employees are employed on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis without any commitment – from the employee or the employer – that the job is permanent or guaranteed.


Sydney Writers Festival Student Sessions - Secondary School Days

22 - 25 May

Our Secondary School Days program is designed to inspire and challenge students through thoughtful discussion of literature and ideas over four 45-minute sessions. 

Our outstanding line-up of brilliant and renowned authors features Jeremy Lachlan, Jason Reynolds, Jane Godwin and Lili Wilkinson, in a thrilling day led by Lauren Draper.


What is the Big Science Competition?

15 - 26 May

The Big Science Competition is a 50-minute, multiple choice competition testing science knowledge, critical-thinking and problem-solving skills. Questions are set in real-life, contemporary contexts, making them relatable (and interesting)!


ADF Gap Year - Register your interest.

Spend an exciting 12-months in the Navy, Army or Air Force, where you'll get paid for meaningful work while travelling around Australia, gaining skills for life, and making lifelong friends.

Complete an online enquiry form, visit a Recruiting Centre, attend an event, or simply call us, and we'll be more than happy to help.


Mission Australia –Transition to Work –Trainees & Apprentices

Aged 15-24 and looking for work?

If you’ve left school early or have had difficulty finding work after school, our Transition to Work service can help you to build your skills and confidence and support you into work or education, including apprenticeships or traineeships.

We’ll work together on a Job plan that helps you achieve your education or employment goals, including things like:

●       Building job-related skills

●       Linking you to other support services

●       Mentoring opportunities

●       Work experience

●       Securing a job

●       Support for your first 26 weeks in work or study


CAREER OF THE WEEK: “Biochemist”

Biochemists study the chemistry of living systems to increase scientific knowledge and develop ways to apply this knowledge in areas such as medicine, veterinary science, agriculture, environmental science and manufacturing. Biochemistry provides a basis for all the life sciences.

  • Personal requirements include:
  • Enjoy chemistry, biology, and mathematics.
  • Able to think logically and analytically.
  • Able to work independently or as part of a team.
  • Creative and imaginative.