Campus Improvements

08 February 2023

Over the summer break our dedicated maintenance and operations team did meaningful work on improving our wonderful campus facilities.

Before Term 1 gets ahead of us, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate these upgrades and thank those involved.

Our music and drama rooms got a much needed complete refurb, with brand new windows, paint, floors and walls.

Doors were replaced with glass doors to maximise natural light and bring the beautiful bush landscape in.

Outdoor Ed gained a dedicated space for equipment storage and office and the Middle Cove driveway was repaired and relayed.

It is so important as a school community to ensure a safe and well maintained environment to learn and create in. Our team have worked hard to complete these projects in time for the students to return to school and enjoy the improved spaces with little disruption to their day.

We'd like to warmly thank, Chris Scrogie and the Maintenance and Operations team, Michael, Mary, Noel and Sonny. Your hard work is so appreciated!