Bliss N Eso record with Year 7

26 November 2020

Bliss n Eso are a multi-platinum, ARIA award-winning hip hop band based in Sydney. They are also much-respected Glenaeon Alumni, or GlenX, and they recently invited current Year 7 Glenaeon students to be backup singers for the groups upcoming collaborative track “Chemical Heart”.

10 students spent a number of hours rehearsing in the lead up, and recorded with the band in Glenaeon’s music studios. What a great experience for our music students.  Glenaeon Music Teacher Madeleine Saville said, “Our students not only got to hang out with this very cool band, they also got a wonderful experience in recording a pop track, and collaborating musically with this highly professional group. Our thanks to Jonathan, Max, and their team for this wonderful opportunity, and for paying it forward for our school’s future musicians.