Big Kindy Bushwalk

07 June 2023

Each Friday the children in Big Kindy enjoy a bushwalk in the local area. We pack our lunches and water bottles before taking a new friend’s hand and hopping on the walking bus. We pick up our parent volunteers and before we leave the campus, we check that we all have our listening ears, looking eyes, and kind hands. We also check that Catherine has the kindy’s little bushwalking friend ‘Bushy’ (a pocket doll made out of palm leaves) who guides us on our journey. He may even have a story to tell about Great Grandfather Gum or Old Paper Bark who live in the little reserve we visit. Once we arrive at our destination, which at this stage is not far from the school, we put out our picnic blankets and enjoy a picnic lunch. After a little bush rest, we have time to explore, run and play before returning back to campus. Bushwalks give us a wonderful opportunity to engage in healthy movement and to connect with the very beautiful natural environment in our local area.