Beware the Dragon

06 April 2022

When a fiery dragon scorches their crops and threatens their lives, a group of humble villagers appeal to their wise king for assistance. 

They are eventually saved by the mighty St Michael, who slays the dragon with his powerful sword! This is the story played out annually at our Primary Harvest Festival – through song, verse and movement. The children shudder at the fearful dragon, sing of St Michael’s strength and at the end, enjoy the bounty of the harvest saved - corn on the cob and delicious bread rolls!

As with so many things in our curriculum, this dragon is not just a dragon! At the commencement of the festival, our Faculty Co-ordinator and Class 6 teacher Katherine Arconati encouraged the children to think of the dragon as a symbol of life’s difficult moments – perhaps a really hard math problem or an unkind word from a friend. The slaying of the dragon then becomes a deeply held image to which the children can refer in challenging times. It’s a beautiful example of how the Steiner Curriculum builds imaginative pictures that become a source of wisdom and nourishment for children as they grow.