Yr 10 Surfers or Sculptors?

24 February 2023

Due to the recent storms, the Year 10 surfing program was momentarily disrupted as the beaches were closed. PDHPE teachers, Jonas Stoebe and Sarah Simmons offered different beach games and activities for students to rotate through during the lesson time at Collaroy Beach.

Thankfully, the rain held off and students were keen to get creative in the sand looking at a rather brown coloured ocean. Students could choose between beach touch footy, beach cricket or creative sand sculpting.
The sand sculpting was the most popular activi
ty with some great examples of creative work displayed. The creations were named “Bazza the Koala” holding a boogie board and “Gabby the Yabby” among other creations.
It goes to show that even on a non-surfing excursion, we can engage students meaningfully and embrace playful energy to create something beautiful.