Autumn Festival and celebrating Michaelmas

23 April 2021

All 6 primary school classes came together on the last Friday at the end of Term 2 for the festival of Michaelmas - midway between the summer and winter solstices. It is an experiential treat as the hall is filled with voices, rounds, drama and music. The story of St. Michael and the dragon centres around an evil dragon holding the East at bay, and St. George (an earthly representation of St. Michael) tames the dragon with the Sword of Justice and Courage. It is Harvest time, as we gather our stores for winter, and the story reflects the gathering of our internal strength and light for the coming darkness of winter. Each class rehearses their own part - songs, music, poetry and drama - and they come together to perform as one. Class 2 prepared the fresh bread rolls and steamed corn, Class 3 rehearsed being the dragon, Class 5 played recorder and all classes from 1 - 6 rehearsed the story and their own songs. Thank you to all teachers and Class 5 teacher Katherine Arconati for working together on this event, and to Head of Music Ian Munns for playing the opening piano.