And Sew It Begins…..

06 August 2020

Last week Handwork Teacher Elizabeth Ellean invited students wishing to make their own face mask to head down to the craft room to do just that. So on Tuesday at lunchtime, a group of mostly Year 7 and 8 students – boys and girls - turned up to sew their own mask.  Year 8 student Siena made her mask at school in about 30 minutes and spent more time helping others.  Siena made her mask from offcuts from a stash of material left over from other textile classes, musicals and donations of cotton fabric. 

Having honed our face mask sewing skills, we are now inviting students, teachers and parents to join a covid safe remote sewing bee, to sew masks for donation to the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse cancer hospital in Camperdown.   The hospital is currently giving out 100s of masks each day to outpatients and visitors, and wearing a mask is a prerequisite for hospital entry.

So how can you help?

  1. Download the face mask pattern
  2. Find some suitable fabric you have lying around or buy some
  3. Make as many face masks as you can
  4. Send some pics of your mask sewing activity to 
  5. Ask your child to bring the completed masks to school and hand them in at reception

Glenaeon will arrange for delivery of the completed masks to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse at the end of the month. If you need fabric, please let Elizabeth know. If you can sew, donate fabric, elastic or support in any way, please contact Elizabeth Ellean via email

Sew much fun! And for a great cause!