End of Term

13 September 2019

What a series of Spring festivals we have enjoyed?! The weather was kind to us this year and in sparkling Spring sunshine on the round oval, the Maypole was woven most beautifully by Class 5 at Middle Cove.

After the Acknowledgement of Country, I welcomed everyone with some words from the Dharuk language, the indigenous language that is nearest to Glenaeon and still living: Warami inyari, meaning Hello, how are you?and the high school answered very loudly, Budyari! meaning, we’re good!

This moment was probably the first time in 200 years that the sound of aboriginal language has echoed through the bushland of Middle Cove, a sobering thought. Language carries culture for aboriginal people, and to the traditional owners of country, the Ancestors created the world in The Dreaming by singing and speaking it into being. 

The festivals at Middle Cove (Class 1 to Year 11), Castlecrag (Kindergarten) and Preschool were a beautiful acknowledgement and celebration of the turning of the year from the Equinox as we move to the warmth of summer. 

With the school now on spring break, Chris Scrogie our Facilities Manager and the Maintenance team are already fully immersed in a number of projects, and supervising external contractors. The primary playground upgrade is underway, and a whole new air conditioning system is being installed into the Sylvia Brose Hall. 

I wish all students and families a restful and refreshing break, and look forward to seeing everyone for the first day of Term 4 on Wednesday October 16th.

Fortnightly Newsletter

Next term we will be trialling a fortnightly Glenaeon Newsletter. Weekly Newsletters hark back to a pre-digital era when the hard copy was the only form of regular communication. In these days of multi-channel communication, with email but one form of connecting communities, many schools now publish a fortnightly Newsletter in order to maximize reach and engagement, not to mention managing resources. We will begin this trial in the first fortnight of Term 4 and will be seeking feedback on the impact of this change.