In Memoriam

01 November 2019

Our much loved teachers Christian and Liza Lillicrap suffered one of the most ultimate of losses last week, and our community is the lesser for it. As we grieve with them, we remember Theodore in all his joyous and mischievous energy, but also his profound depths of thought and feeling. 


Theodore joined Glenaeon in 2000 as a nine year old, and graduated in 2009 aged 18. He was with us for the 10 year reunion in September and enjoyed a walk around the campus with many of his former classmates. There were so many memories of happy times and happy friendships.

We teachers recalled the jazz combo Jam on Toast with Oliver on sax and Jarrah on drums, and for which Theodore, the consummate musician, set aside his trumpet and took up the double bass to make a jazz trio. They played for the staff Christmas party in their final year and had us teachers up dancing well into the night.

After leaving school Theodore founded and led the Glenaeon Alumni Choir which brought together many former students in presenting very high quality acapella singing. They graced so many school events, from Sunset Soirees to Founders Days to the Carol Services of many years. He also brought his trumpet in to play in school events, in the Year 10 Musical and most recently, in the school concert in August.

His presence warmed us all, as he wove a web through so many connections of music and friendship. We mourn his loss, and all our hearts go out to Christian, Liza and sister Bethan. We can be grateful that Theodore was part of our community for the time he was, and for that, our community is all the greater.