A journey tells a story

17 September 2020

While we slowly adjust to the new rhythms of life in 2020 I often find myself reminiscing on time spent in magnificent places and the stories that each different journey brings. The outdoor education story at Glenaeon has a depth and magnitude difficult to convey through word alone. 

In 2019 I spent 128 nights in the field with different groups of students, and one group of parents. We were immersed in awe-inspiring places and had the world at our fingertips.

I often find that while the locations in themselves are all inspiring, for me, it’s the silent change in the students that is the highlight of the experience. A true sense of accomplishment and self-efficacy that cannot be found within one’s comfort zone or the bounds of four walls.

The Nepalese enrichment experience offered to last year’s graduating class was exactly that, enriching. A student group from the Class of 2019 experienced an incredible location, a inspiring story, and meaningful lives.

I would like to share with you the visual story of our incredible journey to Nepal, created by Nicholas Covelli.

Outdoor Education Assistant