2020 Annual Giving Campaign - Keep Kids in the Classroom

12 June 2020

A bursary is a monetary gift which enables a student to attend school when they otherwise might not be able to. Bursaries at Glenaeon are not new. We have a long history of providing short term financial assistance to families in need. With COVID-19, that need is now much greater, which is why we have launched our Annual Giving campaign to help families through this hard time with the COVID-19 Bursary Scholarship Fund.

The identities of bursary students are kept highly confidential and such matters handled with utmost sensitivity and respect for the family. Here is an example of the tremendous impact a bursary can have on a family: 

"We have experienced reduced income as a result of the Covid-19 crisis and in years past we’ve had temporary income challenges.  Keeping the children enrolled at Glenaeon has always been the #1 goal whenever we have faced financial challenges.  It has been challenging and difficult but certainly worth it.  

"Glenaeon has been incredibly supportive throughout times of financial challenges in our family.  We feel the school is genuinely committed to families – They are as committed to us as we are to them and in today’s world it is incredibly positive and refreshing.  The Glenaeon bursary has meant a great deal to our family and has made it possible for the kids to remain at the school, surrounded by a kind, stable & positive environment.

"Having our kids attend Glenaeon is extremely important to our family – we are all committed to the school and are proud to be part of the Glenaeon community.  We feel fortunate that our children get to experience all of the unique and positive experiences associated with the school!  The teachers are supportive and committed and provide a great environment for learning and social & personal development." ~ Bursary Recipient

A bursary can be life-changing, which is why Glenaeon is now asking for your support.  It's an opportunity for our community to show unity for those in our school family who are doing it tough. Please help keep our students in the classroom with a gift if you can. Your gift will not only benefit the recipient, but the community as a whole, keeping friends together, and a stable continuing education for our children.

Donations can now be made online or by credit card over the phone, EFT or cheque. Please contact Clare Gordon if you can help. All donations of $2 and over are fully tax deductible.