Glenaeon Newsletter August 6, 2020

On Friendship

Dani Finch, Deputy Head of School K to Class 6

Schools are positioned, fundamentally, as places of academic instruction. The 3 Rs are our raison d'être, and we are charged with developing young minds to tackle the challenges of the future they will inherit. From phonics and number bonds to NAPLAN, STEAM and ATARs, schools, their curricula and pedagogies are studied, analysed, politicised, programmed and re-programmed; not to mention endlessly commented upon! And yet, academic attainment is only one pillar of schools. I often wonder where, in this cacophony, can we find a moment to celebrate another of the real, elemental gifts of school - friendship?

In a happy coincidence, when I spoke to my son about pondering this theme for my newsletter piece, he pointed out that Thursday, July 30 was the United Nations International Day of Friendship!

From the UN website

Our world faces many challenges, crises and forces of division — such as poverty, violence, and human rights abuses — among many others — that undermine peace, security, development and social harmony among the world's peoples.

To confront those crises and challenges, their root causes must be addressed by promoting and defending a shared spirit of human solidarity that takes many forms — the simplest of which is friendship.

Through friendship — by accumulating bonds of camaraderie and developing strong ties of trust — we can contribute to the fundamental shifts that are urgently needed to achieve lasting stability, weave a safety net that will protect us all, and generate passion for a better world where all are united for the greater good.

True friendship is undoubtedly one of the worthiest and most rewarding of human endeavours. It is also an area where, to use the words of Rudolf Steiner (out of context), "even the wisest can learn incalculably much from children".  

In my role, I am fortunate to possess a position of great privilege, not least of which is having a 'bird's eye view' of the relationships between the young people in our care. Having worked in other schools, I reflect that the loving bonds of friendship created through the shared experience of a Glenaeon education are rare and beautiful. Friendships here are often forged over many years and with the necessity of working through challenges as they arise, due to the fact we are a small school. Glenaeon is an environment where there is intention and vision supporting strong friendships.  We model and encourage respectful interactions between all community members and team this with continuity of relationships and a cooperative rather than competitive learning environment.  Consequently, the young men and women who become Glen X, have often formed lifelong, sustaining bonds which reflect the aspiration of “promoting and defending a shared spirit of human solidarity”. 

In these uncertain and anxious times, particularly since returning from our remote learning period, being able to witness these relationships, as they evolve, has become even more poignant. When I look through a lens that sees friendship as a vital element that will ready our children to be part of creating a “better world”, I see them preparing like this:

  • A 9-year-old accepting that she's 'in', without arguing,
  • Two 10-year-old boys lying curled up like puppies, enjoying a book together, one gently stroking the other's hair,
  • A 13-year-old coming to check on her classmate in sickbay during lunchtime,
  • A 15-year-old going out of his way to ask me how my day is going,
  • A group of 18 year-olds working together on a research task; playfully but intently working through ideas and solutions.

So, belatedly, I wish you all a ‘Happy Friendship Day’!  I encourage you to both nourish this aspect of your own lives and to cherish it in the unique and the excellent educational environment you have chosen for your children; a school where friendship is noticed, valued and nurtured.  Maybe one day, we can include the importance of friendship in the often noisy discourse on education.

And Sew It Begins…..

Last week Handwork Teacher Elizabeth Ellean invited students wishing to make their own face mask to head down to the craft room to do just that. So on Tuesday at lunchtime, a group of mostly Year 7 and 8 students – boys and girls - turned up to sew their own mask.  Year 8 student Siena made her mask at school in about 30 minutes and spent more time helping others.  Siena made her mask from offcuts from a stash of material left over from other textile classes, musicals and donations of cotton fabric. 

Having honed our face mask sewing skills, we are now inviting students, teachers and parents to join a covid safe remote sewing bee, to sew masks for donation to the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse cancer hospital in Camperdown.   The hospital is currently giving out 100s of masks each day to outpatients and visitors, and wearing a mask is a prerequisite for hospital entry.

So how can you help?

  1. Download the face mask pattern
  2. Find some suitable fabric you have lying around or buy some
  3. Make as many face masks as you can
  4. Send some pics of your mask sewing activity to 
  5. Ask your child to bring the completed masks to school and hand them in at reception

Glenaeon will arrange for delivery of the completed masks to Chris O’Brien Lifehouse at the end of the month. If you need fabric, please let Elizabeth know. If you can sew, donate fabric, elastic or support in any way, please contact Elizabeth Ellean via email

Sew much fun! And for a great cause!


Glenaeon Private Bus service - Bookings remain open for Term 3

Glenaeon's private bus service runs from the Eastern Suburbs, Northern Beaches, Inner West and Balmain/Lane Cove areas to our Middle Cove and Castlecrag campuses. Bus bookings for Term 3, 2020 remain open.  Route information can be found on GLO 's Charter Bus Bookings Page  If your child hasn't yet ridden the bus this year, you must register with reception before using the bus service. For inquiries not answered on GLO please email reception at your campus. Thank you.

COVID-19 Latest updates

Parents can find the latest information regarding COVID-19 news and announcements on GLO.
For non-parents in our community, you can access COVID-19 information via our website.


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Playgroup Begins for Term 3

Playgroup has begun in its modified form at both the Preschool and Castlecrag Campuses. Thank you to our patient families who are now able to participate in our lovely '4-family' groups. It's so lovely to be back and to see the children and families connecting again. Playgroup at Castlecrag runs from the Hall Kitchen on Tuesdays, Thursdays and in the Playgroup room on Saturday mornings. Please contact Playgroup Co-ordinator Sandra Frain to join the waitlist for this lovely experience. 

Crafty parents knit winter warmers for students

These colourful woollen fingerless gloves were knitted by Parent Crafters to help keep our students hands warm this winter. We have a limited number available for sale. Please contact Melony via email to organise purchase for your child, or as a gift. We are able to send them home with your child.

Spring is Coming to Castlecrag

After the very cold mornings we are having at Castlecrag, comes a period of warmth and sunshine in the middle of the day - a time to treasure and bask in it, just a little, to warm up. In this time between MidWinter and Early Spring, both bulbs and spring blossoms flower. Amongst the daffodils and jonquils, there may not be much jasmine blossoming yet, but the sweet scent is already in the air! As we cannot have parents on campus so much at the moment - we thought it would be nice to bring a little of the campus to you! It is beautiful and blooming!

Rainbow Magic in Reception

A trip to Melony in Reception at Castlecrag its often coupled with an important message or job for the children. Each day though, as the children come in, there are colourful rainbows that visit and shine all over the room - floor, ceilings, walls and most importantly - the children! They catch them on each other and wonder WHO could be sending SO MANY rainbows to Castlecrag? Is it the Winter Angel, who hangs above the desk? Is it Mother Earth or King Winter and their gnomes... or is it a Rainbow Fairy that comes and sprinkles the children with her light and delight?! Either way, we love the rainbows and so do the children!

Big Kindergarten begin bushwalking

Big Kindy began their bushwalking recently, and with great excitement they lined up with teachers, assistants and Outdoor Education teacher Scott Williams! The children carry their own lunches, backpacks & water bottles as they set off for one of the many well-known walking tracks around our school area. Many of these are designed to walk in and around houses before opening out into a reserve or travelling deeper down into the bush. The children watch, listen and look carefully. Perhaps they'll find a little treasure to put in their double-finger-knitting treasure bags back in Kindy.

Classes 1 & 2 Science - Anthill exploration

Classes 1 & 2 have been exploring the fascinating worlds of anthills with Prue Reid, who takes them on Wednesday afternoons for some of the science aspects of the curriculum. After hearing a story about the ants over two weeks, they have built very elaborate ant hills in the sandpit, complete with connecting underground tunnels. They have worked in their Gardening books displaying the cycles and different roles of ants and this week are building real ant nest jars to watch in the classrooms.

Class 4 celebrates National Tree Day 2020 with gum planting


In late 2019, as a result of a big weather storm cell, our school lost 20 trees and has since been working on the clean-up and regeneration of the affected areas. This year, for National Tree Day, (Sunday 2 August) Class 4 got behind the Planet Ark initiative, to highlight its leadership position in environmental education and regeneration.

Head of School, Andrew Hill said, “Glenaeon’s Middle Cove campus sits on three hectares of beautiful bushland leading down to Scotts Creek. Our school emblem is an image of a tree and its root system reflective of our school’s respect for Nature and the physical, emotional and spiritual growth our students make from Preschool through to Year 12.  The school has over 300 trees on the campus. It’s an open, clean and healthy place for children to learn.”

Gardening teacher Sandra Frain explained, “Our students used leaf litter compost, a native potting soil mixture of local leaf matter which has been decomposing for over two years, rich in nutrients and wriggling with worms, to plant ‘hot pink gum’ seeds donated by the Schuback family.”

“The seeds will grow into saplings and be nurtured for replanting in an appropriate location, or gifted to parents to be planted in backyards by Glenaeon families.”

The school will also be replacing the 20 lost trees with 20 new trees that are native to this special bushland area. There are only six types of tree native to the gully in which the campus sits.

Glenaeon teachers work with students in regenerative gardening activities to ensure that they enhance and improve the space they are in, improving the land, growing flowers to attract insects, fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices not only to grow healthy food for students to eat, but for visual enjoyment, and learning how to live a more sustainable lifestyle in the future.


#NationalTreeDay #Glenaeon #Steiner #SteinerEducation #NTD2020 #HugaTreeforNTD

Bronze Year 9 Duke of Ed students serve others in the community

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award has been a very popular program amongst Glenaeon students for some years now.  Participants are required to complete four sections -  Voluntary Service, Skill, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey - at each level:

Bronze (for those over 14 years), Silver (for those over 15 years), and Gold (for those over 16 years).

Some of our current Year 9 students participating in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award mentor younger students in literacy and numeracy as their service to the community.  Some operate the sports equipment shed at break times to allow students to borrow equipment during lunch.  The garden is also a prime area for service as there is always a way to help the school community by assisting in the garden, turning the compost, caring for the chickens and general weeding and up-keep. Some students undertake their volunteering outside of school as well, working at the zoo and on various charities.

Numeracy mentors for Class 4 are:

  • Flynn
  • Keizo
  • Maadi
  • Nathan

Readers with Class 3 are:

  • Elke
  • Hana
  • Petal
  • Mili
  • Bibi
  • Jack
  • Max
  • Eliza
  • Clara
  • Natalie
  • Natalia

Sports Shed guards as service are: Elke, Ivan, Cooper

Garden volunteer: Taras

Well done to all the Year 9 participants. Donna Miller is our Duke of Ed program manager.

#worldready #dukeofedaus #DukeofEd



Scout shortlisted in poetry competition

Some excellent news! Our talented Scout Higgins (Year 11) has had a poem shortlisted for the annual Poetry Object competition 'Australasia’s largest free poetry-writing competition for young people and their teachers.'  Scout's poem is featured on the Red Room Poetry website. Read her entry here: 

Scout was selected out of 2,200 entries. Finalists will be announced on the 20th August. We have our fingers crossed for you Scout! Good luck and well done!

Art Space open for Class 5 to Year 12

Year 11 student Kauri Palmer is passionate about art.  So passionate in fact, she is studying accelerated HSC Visual Arts. On top of this, she is undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award and is connecting her passion for art, to the idea of service to the community.  Through her initiative (and fine artwork), she is supporting other students to find passion in art, by offering her tuition to other Glenaeon students as a mentor to help interested students develop an art project of their choice.  She is prepared to help come up with ideas, select a form the student might be interested in working in and assisting with the 'how to' of the activity.  The art department will provide materials within its capacity. Art Teacher, Donna Miller will oversee this great initiative.  If you would like to get involved, please contact Donna Miller by email and join Art Space for the remainder of Term 3, Tuesdays from 3:30pm.



Download the flyer

Joe goes for gold

Joe McCormick is a Year 12 student undertaking the Gold Duke of Edinburgh International Award. Joe recently shared his experience with his fellow students at a school assembly.  Joe's Duke of Ed participation has seen him help Class 3 students with their reading, playing tennis and organising his own camping expedition where for four nights and three days, Joe and his friends trekked the Katoomba 6-foot track walk, camped under the stars and cooked their own tucker enduring freezing winter conditions during the July school holidays. The planning was further complicated by COVID19, but Joe defeated all the obstacles.

At the assembly, Joe said he would encourage anyone thinking of doing to Duke of Ed, to go for it.  Reflecting on the camp, he said, "It was a great experience being out in the middle of Australia's natural environment and I got a great sense of satisfaction organising it all, implementing the plan, and seeing it come together."

Well done Joe.

The Gentle Cafe - MENU Weeks 3 & 4

There has been a huge collective sigh of relief from parents, students and teachers alike, when Sharon and Lorna returned to the Gentle Cafe this term.  We are not taking for granted the delicious, healthy meals and tasty bites lovingly baked by the kitchen team.  We are now asking all families to support the Cafe as it feeds and nourishes our students with more fresh and healthy food after the Covid disruption.  See menus below for this week, Week 3 and next, Week 4, and you can always find the current menu on GLO.

Please note that cafe volunteers ARE currently permitted to come on to campus for the purpose of assisting in the Cafe. Sharon would be very appreciative of the help. Parents who wish to volunteer to work in the Café, please sign up here: 

Volunteers will receive a complimentary barista coffee, morning tea and lunch on the day you work, as will your child (minus the coffee!).



Download Menu Week 3



Download Menu Week 4




Accessing the School Calendar

Important dates are listed on the school calendar which can be accessed here: or via GLO.

Alternatively you can find it on the Glenaeon website via the Quicklinks (scroll to the bottom of the homepage on the desktop, and if on a mobile device, the Quicklinks menu will appear in the top left hand corner - click on the down arrow and select "Calendar")

GlenXers Sophie and Isa respond to global pandemic by Saving Face

If you needed further evidence of the strong ties and bonds forged at Glenaeon, then read on.

Saving Face. Co was founded by friends, neighbours and fellow Glenaeon alumni Sophie Alais and Isa Crossland Stone. Sophie studied at Glenaeon from Kindergarten to Year 12 graduating in 2015. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Government and International Relations & Gender Studies at The University of Sydney. Isa attended Glenaeon from playgroup until Year 10 in 2017.

Saving Face. Co creates eco-friendly, reusable face masks using a 100% cotton outer and bamboo jersey inner layer with a slip to insert a PM2.5 filter for added protection.

As Sophie explains, “We began Saving Face. Co at the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown. It was the eve of what would become a long and strange period of uncertainty, and as we cancelled plans and prepared for a month indoors we were struck by the way that the invisible enemy, Covid-19, could create such drastic impact on both a universal scale and a personal one.

“While keeping a safe physical distance is imperative for flattening the curve, the notion of total ‘isolation’ felt counterintuitive during a frightening and challenging period. In times of trouble, we find solace in community support and connection, and we see it as important to find a way to foster community and extend a (gloved) hand to those community members who need it more than ever.”

Their artist collaboration collection masks feature designs by Sydney artists Bella Meagher (a fellow Glenaeon alumnus) and Tara Chandra, who each receive a commission for the sales of their designs. For each Saving Face. Co mask purchased, they have chosen to donate $3 to The Asylum Seekers Centre, a charity organisation which provides practical and personal support to people seeking asylum, with $1,000 raised so far.

We congratulate and celebrate these entrepreneurial, environmentally responsible and CSR-aware GlenXers and encourage those looking to purchase a face mask to visit and support our wonderful Alumni.

If you are a GlenXer with an interesting story to tell, please get in touch:


#glenaeon #glenx #alumni #steinereducation #steiner #covid19aus #facemasks #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurship 

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Supporting your immune system and general wellbeing is very important during the season of winter and especially now. A helpful range of Australian made and Weleda products are available in store. Tasmanian made by Southern Swan, Spahgni Eucalypti aids in supporting the breathing processes and it is especially useful in winter - the Eucalyptus works with the sense of smell to help reduce congestion. Locally made in NSW, a handmade range of long lasting goat's milk soaps to nourish and moisturise while cleansing to keep germs at bay. They are subtly scented with essential oils. From Byron Bay, handmade, organic Ayurvedic warming tea to enhance your immune system as well as a myriad of other benefits! Then there's Weleda's natural herbal and homoeopathic medicines to stimulate the body's own natural healing abilities by using the purest and (often) organic ingredients that nature provides. Good for yourself, your family or to gift a friend. Thank you for shopping locally at Grassroots Eco Store - a portion of every sale goes to support Glenaeon. To shop by appointment please contact Felicity on 0416 035 173.

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Picture Willoughby Photo Editing Competition - entries close 16 August

Calling all digital artists! You are invited to create a new digital artwork using iconic images of the Willoughby local government area for a chance to be part of an outdoor exhibition during Willoughby City Council's Emerge Festival.

Get creative and produce contemporary digital artworks using images from the library’s Picture Willoughby archive. In creating your unique image, you can add other images, collage and mixed media. Chatswood 

Finalists will receive their artwork displays at the end of the exhibition. The top three entries will receive gift vouchers for Chatswood Chase shopping centre. Entries close 16 August. Find out more: 

Warrah Farm Backyard Veg workshop Sat 29 August

Our friends at Warrah Farm are hosting a workshop on 'Backyard Veg: Getting started' on Saturday 29 August.

If you are keen to up your veggie gardening game, then this is exactly the place to start! Warrah has put together a series of hands-on workshops run by Rob Greaterholder, an experienced biodynamic farmer and therapeutic horticulture facilitator.

Click on the link for more information: 

Scouts Garden Product Drive - offer closes 4 September

Youth for Peace Award: Entries close 31 October 2020

Honest to Goodness Buying Group