Glenaeon Newsletter August 16 2019

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Meaningful Music, Meaningful Lives

Our School Concert last Friday was a standout. Head of Music Christian Lillicrap deserves our warmest thanks and appreciation for leading such a committed and talented team of performers (students) and backstage organizers (teachers) to produce such a gift to our community.

Highlights? There were many, but in fact every item was a highlight in its own way. From the class choirs to the Chamber Strings, the Big Band, and the Year 10 band, they were all musically impressive and entertainingly fabulous. But the Beginners ensemble was an absolute gem. The sheer joy and pride of these students who have only been playing for six months, but could get up on stage and communicate their enthusiasm so unselfconsciously, was a joy to behold.

The finales to the two halves of the concert were the heart stoppers for me personally. Hearing our unofficial “School Anthem”, John Rutter’s For the Beauty of the Earth, is an ever enriching and moving experience, and it was again on Friday night. At the very end, the finale to Scriabin’s Symphony #1 for orchestra and choir was simply a tour de force. The grandeur and magnificence of the music, bringing together every student from Class 5 to Year 12, left the audience powerfully affected.


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Thank you to our photographers

All three music photos in this issue are with thanks to Joshi Perera, Luca Bradfield and Ethan Brown, who fillmed the Music Concert. These are stills taken from their work. Thank you very much!

Glenaeon 'Earth Day' - Tuesday August 20th

Dear Parents and Carers,

·    Important information for Tuesday 20th August
·    No power at Middle Cove Campus
·    All electronic communications suspended for the day

I contacted you earlier this week to let you know that the School has been contacted by Ausgrid, who need to undertake urgent repairs to the electrical network in the local area. We have been unable to convince them to reschedule this work.
This work means the School will be without electrical power on Tuesday the 20
th August, between the hours of 9:00am to 4:00pm.

The School has decided to embrace this outage and hold an Earth Day at the Middle Cove Campus. 

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Glenaeon Student Art Show Opening

Glenaeon's Art Show opening was a successful event, well-attended and officially opened with a welcoming speech by the Mayor of Willoughby, Gail Giles-Gidney. Curated by Head of Art Alisan Smotlak, the show highlighted Glenaeon's talent and artistic skill throughout the years from Kindergarten to Year 12. Also present was a selection of hand crafts from Kindergarten to Class 6 and some beautiful Main Lesson book examples. Andrew Hill welcomed the Mayor, who spoke of her support for the arts and the importance of creativity and artistic expression in education. Thank you to Willoughby Council for their ongoing support of this exhibition. 

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Glenaeon Music Concert at The Concourse

The Music Department was very proud of all the students on Friday night at our Class 5 -11 concert! They all performed as well as we had hoped they would and gave us a wonderful evening of varied music, from Back Street Boys to Russian Romanticism - quite a journey!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the other staff members and some parents of the school who so generously gave their time and attention to this once a year project. It is amazing to have such great colleagues and helpers!

Thanks also to all the parents who support our students in their musical endeavours. It is a hard job to keep children practising through all the distractions of childhood and adolescence but as the results of scientific research keep reinforcing, the rewards are great!

With gratitude,

Christian Lillicrap on behalf of the Music Department

Invitation to Celebrate 100 Years of Steiner Education - Glenaeon's event on Saturday September 14

You are invited to a celebration of 100 years of Steiner Education here at the Castlecrag Campus of Glenaeon School on Saturday September 14th. Please see THE FLYER attached for more details and the program, or click below.
This is a family friendly day with activities on campus for families with younger children and a guided Burley Griffin tour of Castlecrag for families of older children or adults on their own. This will be followed by a Centenary address and a shared lunch in the hall. There will be a separate adult evening celebration of story and music at 7.30pm in the Marion Mahony Griffin Hall.
We look forward to sharing this special day with you.


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Class 1 begin the recorder

Class One listened to a story about a great teacher in China who hand carved flutes out of bamboo for her students. Then, with a candle burning, each child came up to receive their engraved recorders and reverently placed the wooden instruments in their woven recorder bags. Here is Class Teacher Lucy Armstrong playing her own recorder, with her students watching intently. 

Early Childhood Seminar at Castlecrag

Last weekend the Australian Association for Rudolf Steiner Early Childhood Education (AARSECE) invited educators Jane Swain and Katherine Scharff from "Sophia's Hearth' in the USA to Glenaeon to lead a two-day seminar. Playgroup leaders, day carers, early childhood practitioners, parents and carers were invited to deepen their understanding of working with the very young child in a practical way. 

The weekend was attended by 40 participants, mostly early childhood teachers and playgroup leaders, as well as several parents and many of Glenaeon's primary school and early childhood educators. It was a rich weekend, exploring the motor, sensory and environmental aspects of optimal child development, as well as the emotional and physical surroundings required for children to flourish. Participants enjoyed both lectures and practical exercises to deepen their understanding of early childhood experiences of the very young.  It is so vital to observe, approach and care for children in a conscious way in order to create an environment where they can thrive and develop to their potential. Everyone enjoyed delicious catering and look forward to any further events hosted by AARSECE. See  and 


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Parent Craft

Beautiful crowns are underway! Come and see the display in the cabinet at reception at Castlecrag. Also, do you have a special crafting talent to share? Are you a Wet Felting Wizard? Crocheting Queen? Eco Dying Enthusiast? Please be in contact with Melanie Harper if you are able to run a one off afternoon/evening/ weekend workshop for parent crafters. Email:

Parent Craft runs from 9am until 12pm Wednesdays this term in the Castlecrag hall kitchen room. All welcome. Stay for a short time or until you need to go. Small children are welcome - there are toys and an enclosed play/sandpit area and often a few little friends to make. All welcome, bring your unfinished craft projects, questions and enjoy some crafty company and a cup of tea.

Grade 6 Gazette - Special Edition on 'Turning Twelve'

Class 6 produces a weekly Gazette, and last week's edition featured a special report based on the children’s responses to what it is like turning 12 this year.  Class teacher Rodney Dean asked them to write answers to 16 questions on 'Turning Twelve'. Each week, 2 children are the editors, carefully compiling the pages and preparing for printing of all their creative writing and news. They sell for $1 internally at school, and have raised money for climate change research. Well done Class 6! 


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Year 9 - 12 Girls In Engineering Day excursion

On Thursday 20 th June some girls from year 9,10 11 and 12 went to The Girls in Engineering Day at the University of New South Wales. We gathered in one of the new halls where we listened to three inspiring women who talked about their engineering careers. Their respective professions were Software Engineer, Chemical Engineer and Civil Engineer.

The day was wonderful as it exposed us to the world of engineering through hearing about what each of the women did in their jobs and learning first-hand what happens in a working day of an engineer. We were able to partake in activities to discover what type of engineering would be suitable for us and there were many current students available to talk to about the course. We were also provided with a delicious afternoon tea.

The day has opened our minds to the diverse and exciting opportunities and career paths available in engineering.

Year 9 PE Extension Class - Scootering at Artarmon Warehouse 11

A small class of 10 students is currently improving their scooter skills at Artarmon’s Warehouse 11, a huge warehouse with ramps and obstacles for scooters and skaters to use. When we got there students were all kitted out with safety and protective gear to stay safe when using scooters on the ramps.


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Year 10 Sydney Science Festival excursion

Highschool Science teachers Hernan Carol-Garis and Stanley Tang took all Year 10 students to the Australian Museum for the Sydney Science Festival. Students had fun attending workshops, listening to inspirational speakers and learning about Science.


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School Canteen - Gentle Cafe and Humming Cafe orders

Both the School Canteen (Wed/Thur/Fri) and Humming Cafe (Mon/Tue) are available. Click below for the menu and the new information on how to order now from Humming Cafe. For Humming Cafe orders, students can just write their order, name and class on the brown bag and not on a separate piece of paper. This is to eliminate the extra unnecessary waste of paper and ink for ordering. Tomo at Humming agrees and is happy to have the orders come this way. The menu is printed up on the reception noticeboard and Sarah will put one near the basket every morning that Humming is open.

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Canteen Volunteers needed ASAP please! A message from Sharon :

Hello and welcome to another term of delicious morning teas and lunches from the Middle Cove canteen!

With the second half of the year well underway, we are asking mums, dads, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas, carers and friends to consider volunteering in the canteen. We need one volunteer for each day that we operate. Please come and help! Thank you to those who have recently signed up!

Lorna and I operate the canteen on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and volunteers work between 9am-1pm. Some people sign up once a year and some love to come once a term as they enjoy the experience so much!

I will make you a real coffee and you and your child will receive free food for the day. The kitchen has a wonderful vibe, with the Canteen surrounded by bush and our very friendly kookaburras. Your children also enjoy seeing you working in the canteen!

If you can help, please put your name down on the roster - 

For any questions, please contact me on 0418677402 or email

Thanks so much in advance for your help,

Sharon Dirken

Canteen operator

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Second Hand Uniform shop - dates for your diary

Thank you everyone for a successful second term. We look forward to seeing you again this term and the uniform shop will again be open from 3.00 - 3.45 every second Thursday starting on 25 July, 2019.

Term 3 Dates:

22 August
5 September
19 September

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Simple Sustainability - Glenaeon is committed to reducing waste

Australians love coffee. We consume 6 billion cups each year! But what happens to all the SCGs (spent coffee grounds)? Well 93% are sent to landfill with only 7% repurposed or recycled. SCGs are an important resource, rich in nutrients and minerals which are currently being wasted in landfill where they produce methane. 

Many different uses for SCGs are being explored around the world, from odour busting clothing to biodiesel. They are a great addition to the compost bin and you are welcome to bring your SCGs to the compost bins at any of the campuses, or you could put them on any fallow soil in your garden to deter weeds, snails and slugs.  

Do you have a washing machine to donate or give to school?

We have various departments that need to use a washing machine on a weekly basis and would like to ask that if anyone has a working machine that they wish to donate or give away to please contact Reception at Middle Cove. We have a need for one more machine. Thank you kindly.

Glenaeon Student Bicycle/Scooter Riders Recommendations and Rules

We want to ensure our students enjoy an incident free journey to school and provide a safe campus for all students. Below are our recommendations, referencing the state government’s Transport for NSW information, regarding bicycles and scooters. Ripsticks, rollerblades and skateboard equipment is not permitted at Glenaeon. Please click below to read all 10 points in the recommendations/ or for further or access the PDF HERE.

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What's on at Glenaeon next week

For a full calendar for the term go to 

HSC Trials
Mon, 19 August, 8:30am – Wed, 21 August, 3:30pm
Kindy Parent Teacher Night
Tue, 20 August, 7:30pm – 9:00pm
Castlecrag Campus (map)
Glenaeon Parents' Association and Class Parents Meeting
Wed, 21 August, 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Castlecrag Campus (map)

School Tour
Thu, 22 August, 9:30am – 11:30am
Middle Cove Campus (map)

Class of 1999 Reunion
Sat, 24 August, 4pm – 6pm
Middle Cove Campus (map)
HSC Drama Showcase
Sun, 25 August, 3pm – 4pm
Middle Cove Campus (map)

Glenaeon School Tours - join us to learn about our school

Glenaeon School Tours & Enrolment Events

Middle Cove Tour - Thursday 22 August - 9:30am - 11:30am
Middle Cove Tour - Thursday 19 September - 9:30am - 11:30am

Castlecrag School Tour - Tuesday 10 September, 2019 - 9:30 - 11:30am

Willoughby Preschool Tour
Saturday 26 September, 2019 - 9:30 - 11:30am

For further information or questions please contact our Registrar on 02 9932 2325 or email

Learning to knit at Playgroup

Ebba Bodame's Wednesday playgroup parents and carers are learning to knit, and as their children play nearby, they are knitting what will become a warm beanie for each of their children.

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Compost Making Stir and Apply Biodynamic Fertilizer - August 18, Castlecrag Campus

Compost Making

Stir and Apply Biodynamic Fertilizer

Sunday 18th August

9.30am – 12 noon

Castlecrag Campus

$30 per Adult

$50 for Family 2 x adults plus children

Presented by Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner Gardening teachers

Sandra Frain and Kathy Thangathurai


HSC Drama Showcase - coming up on

Upcoming GPA and Class Parent meeting next week Wednesday August 21 7:30pm

You are warmly invited to attend this term's GPA/Combined Class Parents meeting coming up next Wednesday 21st August 2019 - 7.30pm to 9.30pm in the Castlecrag Campus Hall. We will have teas and nibbles available.
Any questions can be emailed to if you would like the GPA and/or School to be able to give a more considered response at the meeting, but it is not necessary to do so. 
GPA meetings are attended by parents, the GPA committee and Steering Committee, Class Parents, Andrew Hill (or another School Executive representative), a School Council representative and Clare Gordon, the school Events Co-ordinator. It is a good forum for school updates, events and questions to be raised by parents and classes.
We welcome Warwick Brown as Co-Chair and Treasurer, and will be calling for another Co-Chair at the meeting, so please consider whether you are able to contribute in this position. It is a shared position and not onerous, supported by the other Co-Chair, Secretary and the Steering Committee. As a shared position, this allows for holidays and times when only one Co-Chair is able to attend meetings as well. Thank you for your consideration. You will receive full CIP points for your participation and the parent body greatly appreciates your contribution! If you have any questions about what’s involved, please get in touch at .
 Please see the AGENDA HERE.

Gleneaon Studios Ceramics Classes - Wednesdays 7:30 - 9:30pm

Gleneaon Studios  Ceramics Classes

Brendan the Year 8 Guardian and Art Teacher will be teaching a class in ceramics.
Every Wednesday Evening from 7.30 till 9.30pm
A class for parents, friends and teachers
Beginners and the more experienced welcome.
Hand-building, pottery wheel, sculpting
Many options available!
$20 a class, all materials provided.
Limited numbers
Please call Brendan 0420 557 917

Call out for Clothes and Books for the Fair


Call to Artists!


Call out for beads or felt balls - craft activity at the Fair

Calling out for your old wooden beads or felt balls ... for a natural craft activity at the school fair!!

Do you have any spare wooden beads or felt balls lurking around, perhaps from an old unfinished project or one you just haven't got round to starting? Then please consider donating them to be lovingly used for a new purpose at this years spring fair!  Coloured or natural wooden/glass thread-able beads (must be able to get a large pin head through them and sorry NO PLASTIC or RESIN beads please)!!!"

Thank you warmly ... contact Natalie 0457 131775

Grassroots Eco Store – New Books!

New books for children and adults have arrived! Through the Rainbow by Lou Harvey-Zahra, is a beautiful birthday story to share with your child on their special day and it includes room for personalisation. It is a faithful and inspiring retelling of the Waldorf birthday story accompanied by ethereal illustrations, which together create a unique picture book to share with your child year after year, becoming part of your family birthday traditions. The new range also includes stories from Elsa Beskow, Sweden's much loved children's book illustrator. Her stories are inspired by her own life and take the reader back to an idyllic Sweden at the turn of the last century. Books by Elsa Beskow transcend nationality and time and are enduring classics. Thank you for shopping locally at Grassroots Eco Store - a portion of every sale goes to Glenaeon. Contact me on 0416 035 173 or pop into the shop soon!

Warm regards, Felicity

Opening Hours during term

Monday: open by request
Tuesday: 8.45am–11.30am
Wednesday: 8.45am–3.15pm
Thursday: 8.30am–10.30am
Friday: 2.30pm–4.00pm

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Mandarin, French and German groups after school

There are currently 3 language groups held after school by private groups/tutors. Mandarin and French are held on campus, and a small privately organised class in German is held in a home in Neutral Bay.
Please CLICK below for more information on all language class times, locations, contact details and prices.

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Subject tutoring available

Maths and English Tutor available:  High School up to HSC by teacher Neil Anderson (Eg B Ed English M Ed Maths M Ling Literacy Phd (Theatre) in progress Dip Steiner Speech & Drama
Mobile  0404382192   Email:

Maths Tutor available:  Hi, my name is Chiara,
I am a year 11 student at Glenaeon and am available for maths tutoring for students up to Year 11. My rates are very reasonable and I'm flexible with tutoring times. I can supply references from my teachers if required. For further enquiries please contact me on

Opportunities, positions available, billets & want to buy - can you help?

There are opportunities available as follows:

1. Two students attending the Steiner Teacher Training Seminar from the 29th of Sept-4th of October 2019 Billeting Request

My name is Ethna Brave, I am a 33 year old high school English and History teacher. After growing up in a Camphill Community in Ireland and attending a Steiner school in Dublin and Amsterdam, I am now embarking on the Sydney Rudolf Steiner College teacher training to become a Steiner teacher myself. I'm a quiet and considerate person. Please email

Marie Peters is a primary school teacher at Milkwood Steiner School, in Darwin and would greatly appreciate being billeted with a family near Castlecrag. House sitting is fine. Considerate, mature and respectful. Please email

2. After School child minding for Glenaeon family. 14 yo girl & 9 yo boy. Hours 3.30-5.00/30pm Duties include Supervising afternoon home routine, Arranging afternoon tea, Supervising Homework, Ability to start  evening meal and  carry out some light housekeeping. We are located in Greenfield Ave, Middle Cove - a very short stroll, from the Middle Cove campus. No driving required. If you are in Year 10/11, or an ex Glenaeon student, available 2 x a week, after school, throughout the School Term  (+ school holiday availability), please contact Kirsty Cassidy, on 0412 660 533.

Term 3 Yoga Program

Yoga at Glenaeon is one agian this term - click to see the programme and come and join in! Open to adults and children.

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Miso Making Workshop - Saturday August 17

A Saturday afternoon miso making and tasting
Please find attached a flier inviting you and others you may think interested, to join together to make some soybean and chick pea miso on Saturday afternoon, August 17.  Everyone will leave with a jar of fermenting miso and some recipes. To book a place , please contact me on 0419424935 or return email. Further details on venue what to bring etc will be forwarded out to you then.

Please see the flyer for the workshop HERE

Warmly, Lyn Clifton

 + 61 (0) 419 424935 
Community Health Social Worker  BSW
Certificate of Anthroposophic Holistic
 Healthcare and Rhythmic Body Oiling NZ


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Workshop - Make Your Own Skincare - Save the Date : November 10th

Herbalist Pat Collins is running a "Make Your Own Skincare" workshop on November 10th. Her book is in the Grassroots Ecostore at Castlecrag. Sandra Frain will be attending this workshop and welcomes others to join in.

Rudolf Steiner House

Sydney Rudolf Stiener House has ongoing talks and courses that are available, from short talks, to discussion evenings, workshops and members meetings. If you would like to contact Sydney Rudolf Steiner College about any of our courses or other information:   Address: 307 Sussex Street Sydney   Phone: +61 2 9261 4001 Email:   Click below to see what the calendar looks like for the next few months, Warm regards, Anett:. If you would like to contact Sydney Rudolf Steiner College about any of our courses or other information:

Address: 307 Sussex Street Sydney
Phone: +61 2 9261 4001

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Summer Soccer at Chatswood Rangers

Sydney Youth Orchestra Auditions - an opportunity for your child

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

The Sydney Youth Orchestras program gives students the experience of playing great music in graded ensembles, as well as giving them the opportunity to meet students from other schools. I would highly recommend considering the organization if your child shows interest in orchestral playing and is keen to branch out! Please see the FLYER HERE

Christian Lillicrap,
Head of Music


The Christian Community​

The Christian Community​... a movement for the renewal of the religious impulse in humanity, founded by of the spiritual scientific work of Rudolf Steiner. Please click below for information about their playgroup, youth group, services, talks and events that are coming up. 
To us it is given at no stage ever to rest. There live and there strive active human beings from life to life, as plants grow aloft from springtime to springtime. Ever raising themselves, through error upward to truth, through fetters upward to freedom, through sickness and death upward to beauty, to health and to life.’ Rudolf Steiner


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This week's Blackboard Beauty

This week's blackboard has been drawn by Class 1 teacher Lucy Armstrong. Class One have been exploring Old Peter's Russian Tales. This blackboard drawing is from the story "The Fool of the World and the flying ship".