Glenaeon Newsletter August 9 2019

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Meaningful Lives through Play

You might have noticed a stream of articles and news stories recently as schools and educators discover that play in nature really matters. Below is an example. 

D’oh! Isn’t it obvious?!

It’s the latest in a long line of “new discoveries” that are well established practices at Glenaeon. Play in Nature is so fundamental you wonder how it is that “research” is needed to demonstrate this alarmingly obvious point. At Glenaeon we regard play in Nature as a fundamental right of childhood. The physical, emotional, social and mental benefits are so obvious:

    • Natural environments are open and undefined, fostering imaginative and creative play 

    • They foster social play that builds social skills and community rather than competing for the next turn on the swing  

    • They are filled with trees that exude nutrients and uplifting micro-organisms

    • They look better than garish plastic play structures.

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Glenaeon Student Art Show Opening night TONIGHT before the School Concert

You are warmly invited to attend an art exhibition by Students of Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School. 

From 5:30pm to 7pm is the 'CELEBRATION EVENT' and the official opening by the Mayor of Willoughby will be at 6.15 pm

Join us at Art Space on The Concourse, Chatswood to view over 50 works by students from Kindergarten through to Year 12.

Glenaeon’s unique and innovative approach to learning offers students a multi-dimensional education through a high quality academic program, a flourishing creative and performing arts experience and practical training in traditional and contemporary technologies. 

“The heart of the Waldorf (Steiner) method is that education is an art - it must speak to the child's experience. To educate the whole child, his heart and his will must be reached, as well as the mind.” - Rudolf Steiner

31 July–11 August 2019 11am-5pm Wednesday to Friday

11am-4pm Saturday to Sunday

FREE EVENT Art Space on The Concourse, 409 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood

Contact Alisan Smotlak 02 9417 3193

Please CLICK HERE to see the flyer.


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Premier's Secondary School Leaders' Luncheon

Two Glenaeon High School students were invited to attend the Premier's Secondary School Leader's Luncheon at NSW Parliament House this week, hosted by Gladys Berejiklian, NSW Premier and Member for Willoughby. Ruby Vella and Thomas Williams represented Glenaeon with 3 other high schools from the area and it was a valuable session that was both enjoyable and rewarding.

Thomas wrote, of their experience: "Our trip to Parliament House was a fantastic experience. It was educational and also fascinating to see how certain aspects of our government are run and the way in which topical issues are dealt with. Meeting the premier was also an extremely rewarding experience. She was personable and in-touch with current issues and was keen to hear about the concerns and aspirations of young people within Willoughby and New South Wales. Thank you again for this fantastic experience."

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Save the Date: Glenaeon's Centenary of Steiner Education Event - September 14

Glenaeon is holding an event in honour of 100 Years of Steiner Education.  Please mark SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 14 on your calendar. There is something for everyone and all ages on this day, in conjunction with the Walter Burley Griffin Society Inc. and Waldorf 100. More details will be released next week.



Little Kindy enjoy fresh honeycomb with their baked bread

Little Kindy bake every Wednesday - it's known excitedly as 'Bread Day' by the children and is one of their favourite activities.

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Class 1 dig and distribute mature compost to take home

The compost has matured well and is ready for distribution. At Glenaeon we make enough for our own gardens, and some for yours as well! Here are Class 1 digging out the fresh, healthy compost and preparing it for numerous families to take home and use in their gardens and pot plants. The children have been very involved with every stage of the compost cycle and put their own natural scraps in daily, so taking some home feels like a real gift!

Parent Craft

The first completed King Winters are on show in the craft display cabinet in the Castlecrag office. There are also beautiful star and butterfly wands and mini treasure pouches as well... pop in and have a look. Also, do you have a special crafting talent to share? Are you a Wet Felting Wizard? Crocheting Queen? Eco Dying Enthusiast? Please be in contact with Melanie Harper if you are able to run a one off afternoon/evening/ weekend workshop for parent crafters. Email:

Parent Craft runs from 9am until 12pm Wednesdays this term in the Castlecrag hall kitchen room. All welcome. Stay for a short time or until you need to go. Small children are welcome - there are toys and an enclosed play/sandpit area and often a few little friends to make. All welcome, bring your unfinished craft projects, questions and enjoy some crafty company and a cup of tea.

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What's on at Glenaeon next week

For a full calendar for the term go to 

HSC Trials
Mon, 12 August, 8:30am – Wed, 21 August, 3:30pm
Castlecrag School Tour
Thu, 15 August, 9:30am – 11:30am
Castlecrag Campus (map)
Class One Parent Teacher Night
Thu, 15 August, 7pm – 8pm
Castlecrag campus (map)
Preschool Tour
Sat, 17 August, 9:30am – 11:00am
118 Sydney St, Willoughby NSW 2068, Australia (map

Glenaeon School Tours - join us to learn about our school

Glenaeon School Tours & Enrolment Events

Middle Cove Tour - Thursday 22 August - 9:30am - 11:30am
Middle Cove Tour - Thursday 19 September - 9:30am - 11:30am

Castlecrag School Tour - Thursday 15 August, 2019 - 9:30 - 11:30am
Castlecrag School Tour - Tuesday 10 September, 2019 - 9:30 - 11:30am

Willoughby Preschool Tour
Saturday 17 August, 2019 - 9:30 - 11:30am
Saturday 26 September, 2019 - 9:30 - 11:30am

For further information or questions please contact our Registrar on 02 9932 2325 or email

Promotion at Northbridge Plaza - August Glenaeon School Tours

Glenaeon is promoting its August School Tour dates to the wider community with a digital ad featuring Coco from Class 4. The ad will be running at Northbridge Plaza Shopping Centre outside Woolworths from Aug 5-18.

Our thanks to Coco and her parents for supporting this campaign.

Please view the piece HERE.

August School Tour Dates

Thursday August 15 Castlecrag Campus (K-Year 2)
Saturday August 17 Preschool Campus (Age 3+)
Thursday August 22 Middle Cove Campus (Class 3-Year 12)
All tours run from 9.30am-11.30am

To book a tour visit



School Canteen - Gentle Cafe and Humming Cafe orders

Both the School Canteen (Wed/Thur/Fri) and Humming Cafe (Mon/Tue) are available. Click below for the menu and the new information on how to order now from Humming Cafe. For Humming Cafe orders, students can just write their order, name and class on the brown bag and not on a separate piece of paper. This is to eliminate the extra unnecessary waste of paper and ink for ordering. Tomo at Humming agrees and is happy to have the orders come this way. The menu is printed up on the reception noticeboard and Sarah will put one near the basket every morning that Humming is open.

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Simple Sustainability - Glenaeon is committed to reducing waste

What does a "biodegradable" plastic bag really mean?  More often than not, bags are "degradable", which means that they will break down into smaller and smaller pieces until they form micro plastics… but they will never disappear from the environment altogether. Plastic bags take between 15 and 1000 years to degrade, depending on environmental conditions such as heat and moisture. The problem here is that these micro plastics can enter the food chain, ending up inside animals and even humans.  Very few bags are truly "biodegradable", and can take months and months before they start to break down. Biodegradable bags are made from plant-based materials like corn and wheat starch rather than petroleum. According to Planet Ark, "Under certain conditions when oxygen is present, biological processes break these bags down into molecules such as carbon dioxide, water and methane."


Second Hand Uniform shop - dates for your diary

Thank you everyone for a successful second term. We look forward to seeing you again this term and the uniform shop will again be open from 3.00 - 3.45 every second Thursday starting on 25 July, 2019.

Term 3 Dates:

22 August
5 September
19 September

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Glenaeon Student Bicycle/Scooter Riders Recommendations and Rules

We want to ensure our students enjoy an incident free journey to school and provide a safe campus for all students. Below are our recommendations, referencing the state government’s Transport for NSW information, regarding bicycles and scooters. Ripsticks, rollerblades and skateboard equipment is not permitted at Glenaeon. Please click below to read all 10 points in the recommendations/ or for further or access the PDF HERE.

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Year 8 explore Shakespeare with Brendan Strobl

Year 8 are exploring the history of Shakespeare with Class Guardian Brendan Strobl, creating historic scenes and working with language, poetry and drama.

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Beniah's painting on show in the Administration building display wall

Beniah form Year 8 has been working at home to paint this beautiful artwork. She has been exploring the use of colour and paint and brought in this work, which is hanging in the corridor near the staff rooms.

Year 9 Duke of Edinburgh reading program with Class 3

Year 9 have the opportunity to undertake the Duke of Edinburgh Program at Glenaeon.

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Year 10 PE Extension class - the Sydney Bay Run Event

The Year 10 PE extension class had their Term 3 Assessment Task on the weekend completing the Bay Run in the Inner west in Leichhardt. 

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Year 11 Life Drawing class

Year 11 can take a  Life Drawing class after school for 3 hours, and have been working on various formats of 'white on black' figures in a body of work over time. - Donna Williams


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Preschool Seed planting day

Preschool were busy planting their spring seed beds this week with teachers Rosemary McCathie and Carly Solomon. The gardens has been prepared with the preschool compost and marigold and sunflowers were planted by careful little hands. Gardening is integrated into the weekly rhythm as a time for connecting to the earth, practical caring and learning for our environment. The 'seeds we plant' when we are young last a lifetime, and Glenaeon has a fully integrated gardening program throughout Preschool, Primary and Highschool. These seeds will be watered and tended with care, enjoy sunshine and water and come out to bloom later in the year to bloom in Spring and summer. The 'wonder of watching things grow' reminds us of the beauty and intricate connections between all aspects of our living environment, and the children connect with plants in a wondrous and inspiring way.

Compost Making Stir and Apply Biodynamic Fertilizer - August 18, Castlecrag Campus

Compost Making

Stir and Apply Biodynamic Fertilizer

Sunday 18th August

9.30am – 12 noon

Castlecrag Campus

$30 per Adult

$50 for Family 2 x adults plus children

Presented by Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner Gardening teachers

Sandra Frain and Kathy Thangathurai


Karla Cryer presents a Chinese Parent Education session entitled "Perfect or Human?"

Glenaeon Learning Support teacher Jing Li last Friday facilitated a Parent Education session by Anthroposophical Psychologist and Biographer Karla Cryer to a group of Chinese parents on the topic of 'Perfect or Human?', some of whom are existing and past parents from Glenaeon. Karla talked about the understanding of perfection in mainstream psychology and in Anthroposophy, and how 'ideals of perfection' impact our life and can contribute towards people becoming ill. She also facilitated a psychological drama to help people experience a deeper understanding of perfection. 


Glenaeon in the news

Glenaeon students Marigold, Thomas, Amelia and Wesley appeared in a 'Meaningful Lives' brand advertisement in The Sydney Morning Herald this week. Our thanks to those students and their parents for their wonderful support and for being great ambassadors for Glenaeon.

Class 1’s final call for pre-loved toys - Friday August 16!


Kindly bring your timber and natural toys in to reception at either Castlecrag and Middle Cove until Friday 16th August. 


We will clean and restore them ...ready to be loved and enjoyed once more. Recycling toys are a wonderful way to reduce waste and show care for the environment.



Call out for Clothes and Books for the Fair


Call to Artists!


Grassroots Eco Store – Beeswax Candles and Sheets for Candle Making

Some of the benefits of using beeswax candles are that they clean the air by producing negative ions which which help to neutralise pollutants present also eliminating dust, odours and mould. This may help to ease allergy and asthma symptoms, improve our health and our mood. Also, they burn cleanly without drips, smoke or toxic fumes. Beeswax candles, sheets and wicking, are available in the store. Rolling a sheet of wax to form a candle is simple and you can easily make different shaped candles by changing the way you cut the sheet of wax. Come and take a look! Thank you for your support - a portion of every sale goes to Glenaeon.

Opening Hours during term
Monday: open by request
Tuesday: 8.45am–11.30am
Wednesday: 8.45am–3.15pm
Thursday: 8.30am–10.30am
Friday: 2.30pm–4.00pm


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Mandarin, French and German groups after school

There are currently 3 language groups held after school by private groups/tutors. Mandarin and French are held on campus, and a small privately organised class in German is held in a home in Neutral Bay.
Please CLICK below for more information on all language class times, locations, contact details and prices.

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Subject tutoring available

Maths and English Tutor available:  High School up to HSC by teacher Neil Anderson (Eg B Ed English M Ed Maths M Ling Literacy Phd (Theatre) in progress Dip Steiner Speech & Drama
Mobile  0404382192   Email:

Maths Tutor available:  Hi, my name is Chiara,
I am a year 11 student at Glenaeon and am available for maths tutoring for students up to Year 11. My rates are very reasonable and I'm flexible with tutoring times. I can supply references from my teachers if required. For further enquiries please contact me on

Opportunities, positions available, billets & want to buy - can you help?

There are opportunities available as follows:

1. I'm a parent of a 7 year old child at Glenaeon. (I also went to Glenaeon!) We currently live in Newtown and are looking to move. I'm an artist and open to different areas and types of dwellings- house, warehouse, granny flat, boat shed! Many thanks 0410125478.

After School child minding for Glenaeon family. 14 yo girl & 9 yo boy. Hours 3.30-5.00/30pm Duties include Supervising afternoon home routine, Arranging afternoon tea, Supervising Homework, Ability to start  evening meal and  carry out some light housekeeping. We are located in Greenfield Ave, Middle Cove - a very short stroll, from the Middle Cove campus. No driving required. If you are in Year 10/11, or an ex Glenaeon student, available 2 x a week, after school, throughout the School Term  (+ school holiday availability), please contact Kirsty Cassidy, on 0412 660 533.

I am seeking a builder with an ethical and ecologically sound approach to assist my mother and I in renovating the relatively small downstairs area of my mother's house in Lane Cove as soon as possible. If anyone is able to recommend a builder of this calibre, please contact Belinda Lang on

Term 3 Yoga Program

Yoga at Glenaeon is one agian this term - click to see the programme and come and join in! Open to adults and children.

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Miso Making Workshop - Saturday August 17

A Saturday afternoon miso making and tasting
Please find attached a flier inviting you and others you may think interested, to join together to make some soybean and chick pea miso on Saturday afternoon, August 17.  Everyone will leave with a jar of fermenting miso and some recipes. To book a place , please contact me on 0419424935 or return email. Further details on venue what to bring etc will be forwarded out to you then.

Please see the flyer for the workshop HERE

Warmly, Lyn Clifton

 + 61 (0) 419 424935 
Community Health Social Worker  BSW
Certificate of Anthroposophic Holistic
 Healthcare and Rhythmic Body Oiling NZ


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Special Research Seminar & Workshop - Marie & Rudolf Steiner's Speech & Drama Approach

You can see the flyer for this workshop HERE 

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Melbourne Rudolf Steiner Centre: Information evening for enrolling in 2020

You can access the FLYER HERE

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Workshop - Make Your Own Skincare - Save the Date : November 10th

Herbalist Pat Collins is running a "Make Your Own Skincare" workshop on November 10th. Her book is in the Grassroots Ecostore at Castlecrag. Sandra Frain will be attending this workshop and welcomes others to join in.

Rudolf Steiner House

Sydney Rudolf Stiener House has ongoing talks and courses that are available, from short talks, to discussion evenings, workshops and members meetings. If you would like to contact Sydney Rudolf Steiner College about any of our courses or other information:   Address: 307 Sussex Street Sydney   Phone: +61 2 9261 4001 Email:   Click below to see what the calendar looks like for the next few months, Warm regards, Anett:. If you would like to contact Sydney Rudolf Steiner College about any of our courses or other information:

Address: 307 Sussex Street Sydney
Phone: +61 2 9261 4001

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Summer Soccer at Chatswood Rangers

The Christian Community​

The Christian Community​... a movement for the renewal of the religious impulse in humanity, founded by of the spiritual scientific work of Rudolf Steiner. Please click below for information about their playgroup, youth group, services, talks and events that are coming up. 
To us it is given at no stage ever to rest. There live and there strive active human beings from life to life, as plants grow aloft from springtime to springtime. Ever raising themselves, through error upward to truth, through fetters upward to freedom, through sickness and death upward to beauty, to health and to life.’ Rudolf Steiner


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Sydney Youth Orchestra Auditions - an opportunity for your child

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

The Sydney Youth Orchestras program gives students the experience of playing great music in graded ensembles, as well as giving them the opportunity to meet students from other schools. I would highly recommend considering the organization if your child shows interest in orchestral playing and is keen to branch out! Please see the FLYER HERE

Christian Lillicrap,
Head of Music


This week's Blackboard Beauty

This week's blackboard has been drawn by Year 8 Guardian Brendan Strobl for their Shakespeare Main Lesson.