Glenaeon Newsletter 21 March 2019

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Communities of Hope

After the shocking event in Christchurch, there will be questions that every school and every family will need to consider. Evidence from previous such incidents is clear, that the more people watch television footage of these events, particularly children, the more likely they are to experience psychological distress, even trauma.

There are some simple ways that parents can support children through these moments:
• Limit exposure to news and media reports on TV, radio and social media: if possible, simply switch off and ensure your children are not seeing or hearing the imagery. 
• If they are exposed to the imagery, reassure them that they are safe at home and school
• Comfort them and remind them that these events are extremely rare
• Maintain normal routines and schedules.
• How important it is to express hope in the future and share stories of good things still happening in the world. Stories of good people doing good things are often our best antidote for the destructive and the negative.     Click below to continue

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School musical tickets available - Pirates of Penzance

Year 10 are busy rehearsing for their production of Gilbert and Sullivan's masterpiece The Pirates of Penzance at the end of term one. Voice training, choreography, chorus and costumes... they all come out to play when it's musical time! They are attending an incursion all week to work on the Remember to get your tickets early, especially for the matinee which always books out first. 
DATES: 7pm - Friday 5, Monday 8, Tuesday 9 April and 2pm - Sunday 7 April 
Tickets are now available at 
Shows sell out so buy your tickets now!

Kindergarten Harvest Festival

The rain held off for the Kindergarten Harvest Festival, with the children preparing the scarecrow in the days before with assistant Tanya. They baked bread, prepared corn cobs, butter and jam, and parents brought the most delicious array of apple cakes and other Harvest treats to share. Making a circle around the hay and scarecrow, they sang their harvest and apple picking songs. The harvest vegetables were then donated to Oz Harvest, who gratefully accept the school's donations at this time of year. A special treat was meeting Junko's tiny baby. Junko was the Little Kindergarten teacher last year, so she came to see her 'Big Kindy' kids! Click below to see the celebrations.

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Kindergarten apple picking at Cedric's farm in Bilpin

At this time of year, many of the younger classes and playgroups organise a trip to Cedric's farm. Solid rain did not deter many kindergarten families from the fun of apple picking at Cedric's Bilpin Springs Orchard. Cedric, a previous Steiner teacher from Glenaeon, welcomed all the families and toured them around the orchard, indicating which apples could be picked this weekend - Fuji's, Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Granny Smith and the new 'Julie' apples - the rosiest and largest of all.

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Class one bean bag games and counting

Class 1 have been using beanbags to practice co-ordination, counting and rhythm first thing in the morning. Teacher Lucy Armstrong demonstrates and joins in the fun. They have also been counting steps along a form drawing shape with assistant Emily and comparing answers with chalk numbers on the asphalt... much discussion takes place afterwards! Click below to see them at play.

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Parent Craft

Next Monday 25 March, come and work on your crochet skills, with your hot water bottle covers and undersea creatures. 
Next Wednesday 27 March come and enjoy making finger puppet friends! Parent Craft runs from 9am until 12pm in the Castlecrag hall kitchen room. Stay for a short time or until you need to go. Small children are welcome - there are toys and an enclosed play/sandpit area and often a few little friends to make. All welcome, bring your unfinished craft projects, questions and enjoy some crafty company and a cup of tea.

You're invited to 2018 Year 12's 'The Grand Canyon' movie on the big screen on April 3!

In 2017 a group of Year 12 students joined Scottie Williams, our Outdoor Educator for a month of rafting through the pristine waters of the Grand Canyon. This trip was a ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity for our students to be fully immersed in nature for 30 days. Please join us for an exclusive screening of the movie that was filmed during the trip on April 3rd at the Roseville Cinema. We are hosting Drinks from 7pm and Movie at 8pm (approx. 20 minutes). This special event is open to all members of the Glenaeon community however bookings are essential. Please book your complimentary ticket by emailing 

This week's cover photo

Students from Years 7-12 gathered together to celebrate the Harvest Festival at the Middle Cove campus. The celebration combined music, dance, stories and gifts from nature brought in by students including fresh fruits and vegetables. The apples, carrots, potatoes, pumpkins, onions and corn were presented in the Harvest Mandala, a colourful vibrant display and will be collected by the charity OzHarvest.    Click below to read more and see photos.

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Blackboard Beauties

This week's chalkboard is from Class 4's Geography Main Lesson and was drawn by class teacher Tamara da Silva

The Jazz Cafe at school Wednesday 27 March - you're invited!

Following on from last year's very popular jazz concert, there is a Jazz Café coming up on Wednesday March 27th, 7.00-8.30pm in the Sylvia Brose Hall.

Let our hall become a venue for dinner, jazz and joy - make or join a table and come and give our kids a warm and wonderful atmosphere to play to!
BYO basket of drinks and nibbles and be entertained by the school Big Band, Jazz Combo, Class 5 & 6 Jazz Ensemble and Years 7 & 8 Jazz Ensemble.
Please sign up on the link below, making a table with your friends, so we know how many tables and chairs to put out.


Glenaeon students strike for the planet

80 high school students stepped up to the plate and marched on Sydney's Town Hall Square to tell the nation's politicians "It's time to change!"

Jack and Joseph were interviewed by The Guardian and this is what they had to say:  "Jack Howard, 18, and Joseph Naffah, 15, from the Glenaeon Steiner school in Middle Cove, both said they felt ignored by politicians.

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Coastrek 15km walk - teachers and parents shine and raise funds

Coastrek is an annual walk around Sydney's coastlines that raises money for the Fred Hollows Foundation, that assists in restoring sight worldwide. This year there were an amazing 8 teams who entered from the Glenaeon community, comprising of both teachers and parents who walked 15km on Friday 15th March. Click below for photographs and more of the story.


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Class 5 and 6 : AFL Paul Kelly Cup

Years 5 and 6 had 2 teams compete in the Paul Kelly Cup carnival at the new Gore Hill Oval today. Rain held off and the players were mighty in their efforts, with games that could have gone either way. The students had never played together and many had never played AFL before today!  Regardless, both sides were formidable, with the girls taking out 2 out their 3 games and the boys winning 1 and narrowly missing the other 2!  In reality, all our players were winners to be playing AFL today- regardless of the scoreboard!!!  Click below to continue...

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What's cooking in the garden? Pizza day with Class 5!

Class 5 hosted the pizza-making day this week. The preparation begins the day before, with the Year 8 rolling 140 balls of dough. Herbs from the garden are gathered and prepared, the wood-fired oven is started and the garden turns into a working Italian garden-restaurant! Rolling, saucing, carrying, cooking, serving and delivering! Class 5 have it covered, and the delicious aroma is carried throughout the campus on the wind. Gardening teacher Kathy Thangathirai was amazing, facilitating the whole day and a big thank you to the parents that come to help too! Click below for photos.

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Class five Indian Festival

Class 5's India Festival, held last Friday, was a brilliance of colour, culture and musical magic.

They entered, singing 'Asatoma Sadgamaya' (a priests song) as monks would enter a temple, which set the mood for a reverent and inspiring performance of songs, dance and music. They were joined afterwards by authentic Indian musicians led by Dr. Usha Sridha, who explained some theory behind Indian music, before leading the children in a musical workshop and performance. 

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Class 8 Agriculture and food technology

Class 8 has been learning about their own gardens within the main garden at Middle Cove. They have gardens in cut wine barrels, and must look after these small ecosystems to keep them healthy and in balance. They have sole responsibility for maintaining the soil properties, moisture and plants in these barrels, and have been working with worm juice, fluid levels and at the same time understanding how tricky it is to produce food on a small scale. Click below to see more.

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Junior ensemble practice in action

There is a lot of ensemble practice going on, particularly in the lead up to next week's Jazz Cafe on Wednesday March 27th in the Middle Cove hall. Here is a snippet of Philip Arnold leading the Junior Jazz ensemble, new music teacher Sallyanne Barker leading the junior wind ensemble practice and Christian Lillicrap leading the junior strings ensemble. Come and see the Jazz bands in action next week! The juniors are just one group to play on the night. Click below to see more photos.

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Year 10 Geography - Sydney estuary and Scotts Creek project

Year 10 Geography Main Lesson Environmental Change and Management Year 10B students have just completed a geography main lesson taught by Anne Rouse, in which they examined environmental changes and management strategies implemented to limit the harmful effects of some of the changes. They used Sydney Harbour estuary as a case study as the school joins the arm of Scotts Creek. The students experienced the beauty and tranquility of the mangrove forest by kayak as they paddled through this serine environment. The hard work of Scottie Williams and Kirsten Gardner in loading, transporting and leading the expedition made this valuable experience possible.  Click below to continue.

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Vince, one Glenaeon bus driver, meets his friends on the way

Enroute on a Glenaeon school bus, driver Vince has some friendly dogs that love to come aboard and give him a cuddle!

Mountain biking at Thredbo Interschools

Glenaeon brothers, Luca and Timon Ximenes recently travelled to Thredbo for the Australian mountain biking interschools. Luckily the weather was better than the drenching Sydney experienced! Luca was in Division 3 boys (years 7 and 8) and Timon was in Division 4 (primary school). Both Timon and Luca participated in the Osprey Cross country race on Sunday (at Friday Flat), and Luca participated in the Maxxis Flow Motion Cup (Friday) and the SRAM Cannonball Downhill on Saturday.  Click below for more information, photographs and results.

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New Health, Safety and Environmental Coordinator

Welcome to Karen Canton, Glenaeon's new Health, Safety and Environmental Coordinator, who is taking over from Wilfred Lam. Thank you to Wilfred for your work and service to Glenaeon.

Traffic Management Plan

 Parking rules - ordinary school days

 Glenaeon is located in a residential neighbourhood with very narrow streets. Because of this restriction, the School asks that parents and guardians park and or drop-off their children in specific areas to keep the traffic flowing, children safe and our neighbours happy!

 1.   No one is to park or drop-off in Greenfield or Victoria Avenues , not even to kiss-and-ride
 2.   Parents of Class 3 and 4 students may drop off and collect in Glenroy Avenue, but must ensure they park legally and do not impede driveways .
 3.   No one is to park or stop in the No Stopping areas at any time
 4.   No one is to turn into the school driveway, or any other drivewayto drop off or to attempt a three point turnPlease turn in the cul-de-sac . Continued below

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Meet teacher Anne Rouse

What do you teach? I teach high school Geography and Food Technology at the Middle Cove campus.

How long have you been at Glenaeon? I've been teaching a long time here!

What are your interests? I'm passionate about teaching Main Lesson. I like that you get carried away on a journey that broadens and deepens the teaching - artistically, intellectually, creatively and physically. I love how the content of Main Lesson develops through the curriculum over the years and seeing childrens' understanding grow.

What is exciting for you this year? I am developing new main lessons due to the change in syllabus. All students from Year 7 must now study Agriculture, and I am extending our gardening program into agricultural lessons. I love seeing how the Year 7 Agriculture and Food Production becomes Cooking and Food Technology in Year 8, which develops into Food Sustainability and Geography in Year 9 and 10. As the children grow older, they are able to understand and solve greater issues that our world is facing. 

What do you love about Glenaeon? I enjoy taking the children through Sydney Harbour estuary and Scotts creek and understanding the wonderful grounds and land that we have here. I love the Year 10 project that recently explored the mangroves and surrounds. The steps to the Scotts creek have really opened up that as a 'living classroom'.

What is one of your favourite places on campus? I like the garden in the early mornings. I enjoy the freshness, openness, beauty and creativity. 



Wildflower of the week

Who am I? I am the Robyn Gordon Grevillea. I am a bush that grows up to 2m high, with beautiful red, orange and yellow flowers, called inflorescences, which means 'a cluster of flowers on a complicated stem formation'! I was a blended new plant by a farmer, who named it after his daughter Robyn, who died at the age of 16.  

Where will you find me? You will find me on the edge of the sandpit near the shed at the Castlecrag campus. Look out for my amazing flowers.

What's on at Glenaeon next week

For a full calendar for the term go to 


Glenaeon Studios - Woven Lampshades with Zimmi Forest
Sun Mar 31. 10am - 4pm.
Castelcrag Marion Mahoney Griffin Hall 121 Edinburgh Rd.

HSC Exam Practice Period
Mon, 1 April, 8:30am – Fri, 5 April, 3:30pm

2018 Year 12 'The Grand Canyon' movie
Wed, April 3, 7pm canapes; 8pm movie screening, Roseville Cinema

Second Hand Uniform Shop open
Thus, April 4th 2:30 - 3:30pm, Middle Cove near the Year 6 classroom.

Twilight Market

Fri, 5 April 3pm-6pm Castlecrag campus 121 Edinburgh Rd

School Musical : Pirates of Penzance
Fri, 5 April, 7:00pm – 9:30pm - opening night
Sun 7 April 2:00pm matinee
Monday April 8,  7:00pm – 9:30pm
Tuesday April 9, 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Middle Cove Campus - Sylvia Brose Hall 

Glenaeon School Tours

Glenaeon School Tours & Enrolment Events

Wednesday 8 May 2019 – 9:30am-11:30am

Castlecrag Kindergarten Entry Tour - Saturday 18 May 2019 – 9:30am-11:30am
Castlecrag School Tour - Tuesday 11 June 2019 – 9:30am-11:30am

Willoughby Preschool Tour
Thursday 23 May 2019 - 9:30am - 11:30am
For further information or questions please contact our Registrar on 02 9932 2325 or email

'World Cafe' and the GPA's AGM rescheduled to May 15

The upcoming GPA meeting (also the AGM) has been rescheduled due to a clash with another school event. It will now be held on May 15 in conjunction with the 'World Cafe'. The 'World Cafe' is wonderful opportunity for parents to contribute constructive ideas and thoughts towards the development of the school. Please, make time on the evening of May 15th for a night of great discussion and input around school issues. Click for more information.

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RSVP for Zimmi Forest's Lampshade Weaving this Sunday March 31

This Sunday is your opportunity to come and enjoy the workshop with the amazing Zimmi Forest... Her basket work and natural fire weaving is just so beautiful, and you will surprise yourself how easily you can learn the skills of natural fibre weaving. The lampshade techiniques you will learn can also be used for mandalas, sculptures and dream catchers. Zimmi has been teaching basketry & exhibiting natural fibre basketry and sculpture for over 21 years. Her art practice is ‘art with nature, about nature, in nature’.  She is a forager and collector of nature’s gifts. Having had over 10 solo exhibitions, her work is represented in various regional galleries and private collections.  Her work has also been commissioned for resorts, hospitals, public galleries and institutions as well as many private commissions. See her beautiful work at :
Date: Sunday 31st March , Times: 10:00am – 4:00pm  , Cost: $110 ,  Venue:    Marion Mahony Griffin Hall, Castlecrag. Click below for more information 


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Glenaeon Careers Centre

Glenaeon Careers Facebook group is a brilliant resource for school leavers and those students and their families beginning to think about life after school. Click HERE and ask to join the group for all the up-to-the-minute information about open days, courses, summer schools, application deadlines and articles of interest. Click below to see the carpentry skills workshop coming up in the holidays. 

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School canteen

The school canteen operates at the Middle Cove campus for Years 3-12. You can also find the menus on the School Stream app, on Instagram and on the school's Facebook page.  To sign up to volunteer for a shift at the canteen, open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, go to, and pick a shift that works for you. Hours are 9am-1pm and your child eats free on the day you are working! It’s fun and interesting to talk, cook and enjoy the bush setting we are surrounded by, come check it out! Warm regards, Sharon & Lorna
School canteen menu for next week. Click below to see how to order lunches for C3-6. Click below for more details:

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News from Humming Cafe - you can also now order for each term in advance on Mondays and/or Tuesdays!

Humming Cafe provides delicious lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays for the Middle Cove campus. Does your child have a favourite sushi or meal from the Humming Cafe selection? Now, as another option from Humming Cafe, if you would like them to deliver a regular lunch on Mon/Tue, you can simply drop into the Humming Cafe and 'pre-book and pay' for a whole term's regular order (or however many weeks are left). It must be the same each week, and can be changed each term. It is a convenient way to manage some lunches in advance! There is no need then to fill in the order form and give to reception each week once this is done. This is the only way Class 3 are allowed to order from Humming Cafe this term (so the kids don't forget to take their orders to the office!).  As per usual though, daily order forms are ALWAYS available from reception, behind the Parent Portal on the school website or on the School Stream app. Order forms need to be placed in the basket in reception by 9am, and lunches are delivered at 12.50pm. 
Shop 4, 217 Eastern Valley Way, Middle Cove 2068 (02) 8959 4641 . Click fore photos from Humming Cafe.

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Next Friday 5th is the Twilight Market at Castlecrag

End of term is approaching, which means the Twilight Market comes to town! Come to Castlecrag campus from 3pm onward and enjoy a fun, relaxing afternoon catching up with friends. Class 1 and 2 will be hosting a BQQ and cake stall and there will be various market and scool stalls to browse. Friday 5th April from 3pm to 6pm at the Castlecrag Campus .


Mid Winter Party - Tickets on sale & save the date!

Who’s up for a fab night out? Join us for our mid-winter celebrations at the Treehouse in North Sydney on Saturday 1 June. It’s going be a night to remember with prizes, live music and fantastic food, as well as some amazing silent auction items up for grabs. Book your tickets now as spaces are limited. Get ready for a fantastic evening with a great bunch of people! Book your tickets now on

Glenaeon Studios 2019 - upcoming artistic and creative workshops

As part of the Glenaeon learning community Glenaeon Studios seeks to provide opportunities for you to explore and develop your skills in a variety of artistic and practical, hands on workshops.  These may include ceramics, eco printing, indigo dyeing, basket making, painting, collage, felting, knitting and crochet.  Participant numbers are kept to a minimum to engender a more meaningful experience for everyone. Click below for the Program and more information on the wonderful classes and courses available. Our next workshop is Zimmi Forest's 'Woven Lampshades'.

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Is this your lost property?

New this week to Middle Cove reception is : a pair of Birkenstock sandals, some black shoes, a belt and red skirt left over from Swimming Carnival day and a blue Sistema lunch box.Please call or email Middle Cove reception and we can pass the item along to your child if anything belongs to you. Thank you for helping us reduce waste.  9417 3193  -

Change of Date for the Second Hand Uniform Shop

Just a quick note to say that the Second Hand Uniform Shop will now be open every 2nd THURSDAY afternoon instead of Friday. The time will remain the same, open from 3.00 - 3:45pm. This is due to timetable clashes for the convenors and we hope this will not cause any inconvenience.
The amended dates of the Uniform Shop for Term 1 will are:  Thursday, 28 March and Thursday, 4 April
Click below to see how your purchases help others...

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Grassroots Eco Store – Free Sonett Liquid Hand Soap

Have you tried using Sonett products in your home yet? Now is your chance to try them and receive a complimentary Calendula liquid hand soap with every bottle of 1 litre Sonett purchased, of any type, until stocks last. A portion of every sale goes to support Glenaeon. I appreciate your visits and support and hope to see you in the store soon. To shop at any other time please call me on 0416 035 173. Please let me know if there are any products you'd like to see in the store and I'll try to source them for you. Warmly, Felicity
Open on the Castlecrag Campus during school terms:
Monday: open by request
Tuesday: 8.45am—11.30am
Wednesday: 8.45am—3.15pm
Thursday: 8.30am—10.30am
Friday: 2.30pm—4.00pm 
Click below to read about Sonett and Felicity's complimentary liquid hand soap.


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Mandarin, French and German groups after school

There are currently 3 language groups held after school by private groups/tutors. Mandarin and French are held on campus, and a small privately organised class in German is held in a home in Neutral Bay. Mandarin students have had a wonderful term, and had this to say about it!

Sofia Year 9 : "Mandarin classes are a lot of fun! We study both the language and history of Chinese, as well as the culture (myths, traditions, celebrations..). We even get to try traditional Chinese food! We practise both speaking and writing, as well as learning about the origin of each character. 
The teacher is very friendly and has a detailed, easy-to-follow teaching style. I highly recommend this class to everyone who is interested!"  
Cory Year 9 :"Our classes cover a  wide range of topics that go from the history of China to the myths and legends and the ways of writing, speaking and the meaning of the Chinese characters. The teacher herself is very friendly and has a teaching method that is easy to follow. Overall, I enjoy learning Mandarin." 
Lily Year 5 : "For me, learning Mandarin is a bit challenge but fun."  

Please CLICK below for more information on all language class times, locations, contact details and prices.



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Subject tutoring available

Maths and English Tutor available:  High School up to HSC by teacher Neil Anderson (Bachelor of Education (Hons): English, Master of Education (Distinction): Mathematics, Master of Linguistics:  Literacy, Phd in Theatre (in progress) .
Mobile  0404382192   Email:

Maths Tutor available:  Hi, my name is Chiara,
I am a year 11 student at Glenaeon and am available for maths tutoring for students up to Year 11. My rates are very reasonable and I'm flexible with tutoring times. I can supply references from my teachers if required. For further enquiries please contact me on

Opportunities, positions available, billets & want to buy - can you help?

There are opportunities available as follows:

1. Waldorf – Family Exchange in Berlin (Germany) October - December 2019
2. S
eeking a mother and infant for infant observation
3. Wanted to buy: Diatonic Soprano 35 stringed lyre
4. Teacher Marie Peters needs a room for Steiner teacher training residential April 14 - 18 and Sept 30 - Oct 4
5. Jessica Ortlepp needs a room for Steiner teacher training residential in Sydney April 14 - 18 and Sept 30 - Oct 4 
6. Honest to Goodness buying group - Organic pantry goods at wholesale prices.
7. Market Stall Position Available: North Sydney Produce Markets
8. Alex available for 1 month homestay/work exchange in July
9. Billet/homestay wanted for 16 year old Japanese boy Goma for 2 weeks April 15 - 18
10. Byron Bay Easter Accommodation: Affordable 4 bedroom cottage for rent Easter holiday accommodation at Byron Bay - Steiner family cottage for rent
Click below for further information about the above opportunities

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Glenaeon Vacation Care and other workshops for kids

Please share if you know of a good holiday workshop coming up - it's always fun when children can go together.

1. Marion Street Theatre runs a creative holiday workshop for children - Click below for details.
2. Glenaeon Vacation Care runs a full school holiday program. See
3. Circus Akimbo in Willoughby runs holiday program
4. Wildbird Learning - Weaving Nature for children
5. Wildbird Learning - Eco-Dyeing for children

Click below fore more information and links

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The Christian Community​

The Christian Community​...a movement for the renewal of the religious impulse in humanity, founded out of the spiritual scientific work of Rudolf Steiner. Please click below for information about their playgroup, youth group, services, talks and events that are coming up. 
To us it is given at no stage ever to rest. There live and there strive active human beings from life to life, as plants grow aloft from springtime to springtime. Ever raising themselves, through error upward to truth, through fetters upward to freedom, through sickness and death upward to beauty, to health and to life.’ Rudolf Steiner


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Yoga Classes held at Glenaeon

Come and experience what half an hour of yoga can do for you to start your day. Held on the deck of the hall, overlooking the bush, this class is restorative and rejuvenating. Children welcome to attend this class. See image below.

Ki seasonal yoga with Lisa Kavanagh; also Wednesday mornings in the Uniting Church Hall in Charles St (near Castlecrag Campus). 

Please click to see images below of yoga classes an times.

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Rudolf Steiner House

Sydney Rudolf Stiener House has ongoing talks and courses that are available, from short talks, to discussion evenings, workshops and members meetings. If you would like to contact Sydney Rudolf Steiner College about any of our courses or other information:   Address: 307 Sussex Street Sydney   Phone: +61 2 9261 4001 Email:   Click below to see what the calendar looks like for the next few months, Warm regards, Anett:


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