Glenaeon Newsletter 17 May 2019

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Playground Progress

Our Annual Appeal 2018 raised some much needed funds for the primary playground upgrade, and it is a pleasure to report on progress as we prepare for the 2019 Appeal.
After Landscape Architect Fiona Robbe worked on the initial playground design some years ago, she was very happy to return to work on this new project as stage 2. During the second half of 2018 Fiona held a number of planning meetings with teachers to explore designs for the sandpit area. She and her team observed how children use the playground currently, and by the end of the year there was a design agreed with the teachers that had been costed. The plans are for innovative play structures that maintain the natural environment, provide physical challenges, foster social interaction and generally ensure that children are inspired to play in as healthy a way as possible.
Of course last year was a year of significant construction for the school, with the deck and the walkway pushing the limits of capacity for construction on the Middle Cove site. Our Operations Manager Julie Skuja who had responsibility for carriage of the project resigned at the end of Term 1 to move to Newcastle to be able to care for her ageing parents. In her final weeks she wrapped up outstanding projects and finalized the brief for the playground. With those projects now complete the playground is ready to start and construction will commence in the very near future. Click to continue and see images from the plan.


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Mid-Winter Party - This is it! Ticket sales close next Friday 24 May

You won't want to miss this party so, you know the drill - get your tickets here for a super night out on 1 June. A huge thank you to the businesses and parents in our community who have so generously supported the school by giving to the silent auction. 

Please return Photography Permission form ASAP for photo shoot next week

Attention all Parents & Guardians: If you have not already done so, please return your photography permission form via the School Stream app by 9AM Monday 20 May morning at the very latest.

Please use the permission form link on School Stream HERE or at 

Your action now will help us implement privacy policy for the school photo shoot taking place on Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 May (weather permitting). For those with students in Year 4-12, please ensure your child is wearing the correct uniform. Students need to be dressed in full school uniform with children in Class 4, 5 and 6 to wear the blue short sleeved school polo shirt. Hair should be neatly tied back and shoes polished. Your support is much appreciated. Thanks to those that have returned the form already. Please put these dates in your diary and help to ensure we put our best foot forward.


Education in Freedom talk - Tatiana Pavlova - Parent Education

Did you know that Steiner Education is 100 years old this year?
Tatiana Pavlova's talk is one of many events around the world that celebrate and explore the possibilities of Steiner's concepts for education. Come along and hear her speak about :
"The Centenary of Education: Education in Freedom: a condition for the creative development that is vital in our modern day

The first Waldorf school was opened in Stuttgart in 1919 and since then the Spiritual impulse of Steiner pedagogy has kindled the hearts of people in many countries of the world. Out of this fire the strength to create new Steiner schools and kindergartens comes. This fire needs to continue so that the Steiner initiatives thrive, educating children on the truly high level originally embedded within them. We will talk about the principles and methods of Steiner pedagogy, its achievements and challenges and – of course – about our children and the support they expect from us.
Tatiana has been studying Anthroposophy for over 25 years. Her professional activities lie in the field of psychology and art. She actively lectures and exhibits her spiritual artwork across Russia and Europe. Tatiana’s insightful talks have been enjoyed in the Goetheanum as well as England, Canada, Austria and Germany. This is her first visit to Australia. 
Date and Time: Friday 24th may 9.15am Venue: Marion Mahony Hall Castlecrag No bookings required.

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Learning Support - become a 'Special Provisions' volunteer for examinations and make a real difference

Some students require “special provisions” in their exams to ensure their result truly reflects their learning. These are practical arrangements designed to help students who couldn’t otherwise make a fair attempt to show what they know in an exam room. This may include the use of a reader or a writer, extra time or rest break supervision. As staff members are not permitted by NESA to take on this role, Glenaeon relies on the generosity of our school community to ensure our students have access to a “level playing field”.  If yourself, another adult family member or friend of Glenaeon would like to know more about this process and to find out more details without any obligation, we would love to hear from you. No compulsory meetings or obligatory tasks are involved if you agree to be a part of our pool of volunteers for Special Provisions. To know more, please contact Deborah Lloyd on and 94173193 Thank you, Deborah Lloyd Learning Support Teacher


Mother's Day gifts

Clastlecrag classes were busy making Mother's Day gifts in the classroom, gardens and craft. Here are some of the beautiful things they made!

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Parent Craft - the gnomes meet King Winter

Our first of many pocket gnomes introduced King Winter to Parent Craft this week. We shared delicious home made bread baked by Susie to soak up our stone soup, our skills and knowledge from one mum to another and a thoroughly enjoyable Parent Craft session. Next week we set to work on creating a kingdom of winter kings with the special treat of Hungarian cheese bread.

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Playgroup delight, Class 1 early morning weaving and Class 2 morning song

Playgroup runs 3 times per week at Castlecrag, and is a delightful haven for young children. Led by Sandra Frain and Ebba Bodame on different days, the children come and enjoy story time, baking, songs, games, bush and garden play together. Here is Sandra Frain with her Wednesday Playgroup enjoying bread, play and songs together. Class 1 are keenly weaving their recorder bags, starting early some mornings in the playground. They get their work checked to make sure it's correct so they can take it home to work on... very exciting. Roger starts the day with a wonderful song on his mandolin! Lucky Class 2!

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Junior school - Mother's Day gifts

Classes made beautiful Mother's Day gifts this year. Class 5 made natural hand-stitched baskets from Bangalow palm, Class 3 crocheted table mats of all colours and Class 6 made surprise seed pods for their mums to plant in the garden with gardening teacher Kathy Thangathurai. 'Seed Pods' are a combination of soil, fertilisers, nutrients and seeds, made into balls and dried before the seed germinates. They form small balls of nourishing seedling mix.

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Class 3 explores measurement

Class 3 are completing their Measurement main lesson, and have been exploring cubits, spans and digits.  They have been measuring themselves, their rooms, spaces and many other places! Watch out for them, pacing evenly and keeping track!

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Year 11 art : Barangaroo building study

The Year 11 Art students, as part of their preliminary course, discovered some of the new futuristic architecture of SYDNEY by studying the Chau Chak Wing building, UTS building 11 and a site study at Barangaroo. The purpose of the investigation was to explore how architects use a visual language through their materials to find their concept. Sustainability was high on the agenda as part of the development brief of these works. The students were enlightened to the responsibility of the architects to produce art for the future. The importance of the impact of current development was also uncovered through discussions and presentations from the Project Personnel Brian Moore and Danielle Buhagiar. It was wonderful to be immersed in the urban aspects of our city and experience the spaces, materials and sculptural qualities of our current architecture. The visits have inspired and help to prepare students to develop their own concepts for an architectural model they will create in response to a brief and site study in the school.
Donna Miller, Art Teacher


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Farewell Julie Skuja and see the recent works!

Our Operations Manager Julie Skuja has resigned so she can move to Newcastle to be close to and support her parents. We thank her for setting up such excellent systems to manage the facilities across our three campuses. Her last two projects have been the new line markings freshly painted on the driveway and walkways to ensure safety, and the brand new roof on the Vera Jacobson building. A farewell morning tea was held for Julie and we wish her well. She will be missed by all at Glenaeon, including the Administration and Maintenance teams. Click below for more photos and the recent works.

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School Canteen and change to Humming Cafe order - please read

Both the School Canteen and Humming Cafe are running again next week! Click below for the menu and the new information on how to order now from Huumung Cafe. For Humming Cafe orders, students are now to just write their order, name and class on the brown bag and not on a separate piece of paper. This is to eliminate the extra unnecessary waste of paper and ink for ordering. Tomo at Humming agrees and is happy to have the orders come this way. The menu is printed up on the reception notice board and Sarah I will put one near the basket every morning that Humming is open.

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Kamaroi Fair coming up this Sunday on May 19

Kamaroi Fair week has arrived! We ALL love a good Fair, and our fair neighbours Kamaroi Steiner school at Belrose are having theirs this Sunday May 19! Come along and enjoy the atmosphere, food, music and activities!

Please send in your OZ FASHIONS plastic bags

If you have any of the durable OZ FASHIONS plastic bags from ordering a new uniform piece, could you please send them in to either reception for reuse? We would like to use them for some take home activities. Thank you very much. 

Reminder - Tick Information

Dear Parents,
The bushwalking months are coming and we ask that you acquaint yourselves with the attached information on ticks. If your child is prone to allergies please be particularly vigilant as this can influence your child’s response to a tick bite. Any questions please feel free to contact the School reception who will do their best to advise. Please CLICK HERE for our document on ticks.

Second Hand Uniform shop - dates for your diary

Thank you everyone for a successful first term. Come and look for what you need on every second Thursday in Term 2. Just a quick reminder that the uniform shop does not accept any heavily stained or torn clothes. If you wouldn’t dress your child in it, other parents won’t either. If you have damaged clothes you would like to recycle, there are two red collection bins in the Chatswood Westfield car park on the bottom (green) level at the western end. The clothes are collected and turned into rags for charity. If you are looking for warm clothes for the winter, the uniform shop has jumpers and sports jackets in various sizes as well as long pants. 
The uniform shop will again be open from 3.00 - 3.45 every second Thursday starting on 2 May, 2019. Year 12 student Thomas Williams runs the second hand uniform shop - thank you!

Term 2 Dates THURSDAYS, fortnightly : 30 May, 13 June, 27 June 

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Simple Sustainability - Glenaeon is committed to reducing waste

Glenaeon is actively using initiatives to reduce waste. Each week we will be bringing you simple facts and ideas around how we can improve our carbon footprints and care for ourselves and the earth simply and sustainably. Let's start by visiting this fact for the week:

Did you know that consumer waste has increased over the 20th Century from 40kg to 560kg of waste per person per year? ... and it's International Bee Day this Monday May 20th! Check this website out:


Meet teacher Sandra Frain

What do you teach? I am the Playgroup Coordinator, and host three playgroups: one at the Preschool and two at Castlecrag. I am also a Gardening Teacher at the Preschool and Castlecrag campuses and I share the garden teaching role at Middle Cove campus with horticulturalist / teacher Kathy Thangathurai. We are assisted by Edgar Maier and Michelle Chambers. I therefore have the joy of bringing restorative agriculture practices to all three campuses!

How long have you been at Glenaeon and what is your background? I started teaching at Glenaeon at the beginning of 2018, coming from the north coast of NSW. I have taught biodynamic gardening and  early childhood education extensively,  nationally and internationally. I have a Masters of Steiner Education from Columbia University, Waldorf Primary Class Teacher Diploma , a Bachelor of Child Study Degree and I have my Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Certificate, having studied intensively with Gunther Hauk (a world leader of bee education with a Bee Sanctuary in Virginia). As an educator with a commitment to community development, I have created and established relevant programs for children, teenagers and adults, including drug and alcohol rehabilitation and government in exciting parts of the world.

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Wildlife of the week - the golden Chrysalis of the Admiral Butterfly opening

The intricate, shiny, gold-trimmed chrysalis is formed by the admiral caterpillar, which has been happily munching it's way through the nettle patch just outside the Middle Cove garden. The incredible gold form opens and a beautiful Red Admiral butterfly emerges. Many people have popped into the garden to see these incredible structures and process. Red Admiral caterpillars construct conspicuous nests or leaf shelters on nettles including stinging nettle (Urtica dioica). Stinging nettle likes growing not far from the creek and can be very useful in teas, as well as adding nutrients to to the soil. It is absolutely extraordinary how a caterpillar can turn into shining gold... and then a butterfly...but it's true!

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What's on at Glenaeon next week

For a full calendar for the term go to 

Year 10 Parent/Teacher
Tue, 21 May, 4pm – 8pm
Middle Cove Campus
Art Therapy with Tatiana Pavlova
Tue, 21 May, 5pm – 7pm AND
Wed, 22 May 23 May 5 - 7pm
Marion Mahony Griffin Hall - Castlecrag Campus 

Class 3 Parent Meeting
Wed, 22 May, 7:30pm – 8:30pm
Middle Cove Campus (map)

Preschool Tour
Thu, 23 May, 9:30am – 11:00am
118 Sydney St, Willoughby NSW 2068, Australia (map)
Year 9 Outdoor Education - Wolgan Valley
Fri, 24 May, 8:30am – Fri, 31 May, 4:00pm
Waldorf Centenary with Tatiana Pavlova - Parent Education 
Fri, 24 May, 9:15am – 11:15am
WhereMarion Mahony Griffin Hall - Castlecrag Campus (map)
Tue, 14 May, 4pm – 8pm

Glenaeon School Tours - join us in May

Glenaeon School Tours & Enrolment Events

Middle Cove Tour - Thursday 6 June 2019 - 9:30am-11:30am
Middle Cove Tour - Thursday 22 August - 9:30am - 11:30am

Castlecrag Kindergarten Entry Tour - Saturday 18 May 2019 – 9:30am-11:30am
Castlecrag School Tour - Tuesday 11 June 2019 – 9:30am-11:30am
Castlecrag SChool Tour - Tuesday 10 September, 2019 - 9:30 - 11:30am

Willoughby Preschool Tour
Thursday 23 May 2019 - 9:30am - 11:30am
Thursday 27 June, 2019 - 9:30 - 11:30am
For further information or questions please contact our Registrar on 02 9932 2325 or email

Year 9 Foot Golf!

The Year 9 PE Elective class is currently doing a mini unit in the exciting new hybrid sport of FootGolf at Northbridge’s golf course. The very kind and knowledgeable coach Leonardo Fernandez and myself led the keen students onto the well-manicured green of the golf course on abeautiful autumn day to experience soccer in a very different atmosphere and terrain: undulating slopes, bunkers, bushes and ponds all potential obstacles for the ball to get lost in as we made our way across the holes. The holes are soccer ball size and are situated near the original small golf holes, have a flag to indicate where they are and the rest is pretty much like in golf. Only: the bat is replaced by leg work!

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Year 9 'The Cove' - early morning on the tennis court

Each Thursday morning all year 9 students gather at the school’s courts to participate in the new 'Cove Program', implemented to energise the students, make them connect to nature better, train together, become fitter and to connect better to themselves and their school environment with very positive flow-on effects for a more concentrated learning process later in the day. At 7:30am the sun is just touching the tree tops and rays will hit the courts. We often go for runs on different paths and tracks in the school’s vicinity. Students can opt to join a stronger running group or take a slower approach. Often they will do yoga or mindfulness training and be involved in discussions centering around how to take responsibility, how to make positive choices and how to deal with challenging situations in their lives.
The picture shows one morning this week when the students were involved in a session of mindfulness meditation before heading off to individual runs in nature meeting it when it just wakes up – a unique and most wonderful experience! The program also includes community work aspects, excursions on the water and bush care to contribute to a more wholesome education and a more conscious realisation within the students of their growing responsibility in today’s world. It is particularly around the time when students are in Yr 9 that often unsafe and risky behaviour occurs. We believe this program can have a harmonising effect and engage students very meaningfully beyond the classroom as it is held 100% outdoors year round. Donna and I enjoy seeing the students every week early in the mornings and are excited for this new journey with them ourselves!
- Jonas Stoebe

Experience the wonder - Sea Kayaking at Hinchinbrook Island!


Your next adventure…

On the back of a successful Franklin River trip we’ve decided to do it again. This year our outdoor education team are offering the Glenaeon community a Hinchinbrook Island Sea Kayaking Trip. This is a fundraising event giving you the chance to experience the wilderness with our amazing staff. 10 lucky people will have the opportunity to explore the tropical coastline where rugged islands meet the Coral Sea.


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Year 12 support - choosing courses through UAC

Year twelve students have a lot on their plate at the moment.

To support Year 12 in their university course selections, JobJump provides some simple to follow help in the FLYER ATTACHED, and this VIDEO :  

Get Ready - How to Easily Select Your Courses
Watch this 3 minute video. It will show you how to select and store your favourite courses in seconds. From there you have your 5 choices (and any back up preferences) ready to apply for UAC as per their advice in the flyer attached.

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The Eclipse of Baldr - a story told by David Novak

Commissioned especially for Glenaeon Steiner School, acclaimed storyteller David Novak, brings fresh depth and insight into his retelling of ancient myth just in time for Winter Solstice celebrations. See the flyerHERE

Venue: Marion Mahony Griffin Hall, 121 Edinburgh Rd, Castlecrag   Date & Time: Saturday June 15th, 7:30pm
Tickets: Adults $25, Conc $20, Students $12 (family of 4 $60 package)
Bookings & Enquiries: Joy Day 0451 152 227
& Mary Heard Castlecrag Office9958 0774

Call for linen

Call out for pink, peach, white or cream coloured 100% cotton sheets and / or 100% Woollen blankets for making compress kits for home health care. If you are sorting through your linen cupboard and find some of these that are ready for recycling I would be happy to receive them.
Please call or text Lyn 0419424935 

Class 1 call for Second Hand toys for the Glenaeon Fair

Class 1 are continuing with last years very successful and appreciated recycled toy theme for this years Parent Craft stall at the Fair. To do this we are asking for the donation of your pre-loved Steiner inspired toys for us to renew, ready to be loved again.  We would like to gather items made of natural materials only and those that will inspire the imagination. We’d love toys that may be broken but are fixable or those needing a wash or a mend. Please drop off any items you would kindly donate to Castlecrag Reception. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to call Tanya (Class 1 parent) - 0414 233 335

Grassroots Eco Store – Australian Merino Woollen Singlets and Clothing

Embrace the changeable autumn weather by dressing your child in a layer of wool underneath their usual clothing. Then, if they peel off an outer layer as the day warms up they'll still have a woollen layer to protect their core. Feel the difference and see the quality. These are the softest Australian merino wool singlets, made locally in NSW by an Australian family business. Not only are these singlets soft, smooth and warming but in choosing these singlets you are making a renewable, sustainable, biodegradable and ethical clothing choice. You are also supporting an Australian owned family business, Australian designers and makers! Thank you for shopping locally at Grassroots Eco Store - a portion of every sale goes to Glenaeon. See you soon! Felicity 0416 035 173
Opening Hours during term
Monday: open by request
Tuesday: 8.45am–11.30am
Wednesday: 8.45am–3.15pm
Thursday: 8.30am–10.30am
Friday: 2.30pm–4.00pm


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Opportunities, positions available, billets & want to buy - can you help?

There are opportunities available as follows:

1. Waldorf – Family Exchange in Berlin (Germany) October - December 2019
2. S
eeking a mother and infant for infant observation
3. Homestay - long-term creative/home-help exchange available - Anna Lloyd
4. Garage Available to rent in North Sydney
5. Can I live with you? I’m a loving and charismatic ginger cat. (and free!). 
6. Honest to Goodness buying group - Organic pantry goods at wholesale prices.
7. Position Vacant - Steiner Class Teacher needed in New Zealand
8. Boomerang Bags - a great initiative - You are invited to a gathering on May 25
9. Position Vacant - Kindergarten Teacher/Centre Manager - in New Zealand


Click below for further information about the above opportunities

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Yoga Classes held at Glenaeon

Come and experience what half an hour of yoga can do for you to start your day. Held on the deck of the hall, overlooking the bush, this class is restorative and rejuvenating. Children welcome to attend this class. See image below.

Ki seasonal yoga with Lisa Kavanagh; also Wednesday mornings in the Uniting Church Hall in Charles St (near Castlecrag Campus). 

Please click to see images below of yoga classes an times.

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Mandarin, French and German groups after school

There are currently 3 language groups held after school by private groups/tutors. Mandarin and French are held on campus, and a small privately organised class in German is held in a home in Neutral Bay.

Please CLICK below for more information on all language class times, locations, contact details and prices.



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Consultations with Lyn Clifton: Wednesday afternoon, Castlecrag campus

Raphael’s Rooms Home Health Care service offering drop-ins for tea, questions, clarifications of how to do home health care applications such as foot baths, oil cloths, compresses, inhalation’s etc most Wednesday’s between 11-12 for Kindy parents and 2-3 pm for others in the Raphaels room behind the staff room commencing from Wednesday May 22. I can take short half hour consultations ($50) after these times too. If needed parents could book 0419424935.  I could offer Well-being supports such as footbaths, leg/feet and arm/hand rhythmical body oiling, inhalations/steam baths for children and adults. 
I will be there next Wednesday after 11.45 am setting up if parents wished to pop in.

I am offering this as a community health social worker working in the light of anthropososophy. I use home health care and rhythmical body oiling as a consultant through Glenaeon’s Raphael’s Rooms.

Please see flyer HERE Thank you, warmly, Lyn Clifton

Art Therapy with Tatiana Pavlova - understanding teenagers

LET GO IN FREEDOM is the name of Tatiana Pavlova's Art Therapy workshop, exploring the theme of teenagers over two nights. Tatiana is here in Australia to celebrate the 100 Years of Steiner Education, and Please see the ATTACHED FLYER HERE. Tatiana has been studying Anthroposophy for over 25 years. Her professional activities lie in the field of psychology and art. She actively lectures and exhibits her spiritual artwork across Russia and Europe. Tatiana’s insightful presentations have been enjoyed in the Goetheanum as well as England, Canada, Austria and Germany. This is her first visit to Australia, and she is giving both a talk at Glenaeon on Friday morning as well as this Art Therapy workshop over two nights (both nights must be attended as one workshop).

Gilgamesh - a night of storytelling with David Novak

A rare opportunity to experience this ancient epic from Sumeria-Abyssinia-Mesopotamia, fragments first discovered from the remains of clay tablets with cuneiform inscriptions. These are the earliest works of literature yet discovered. Here told by acclaimed storyteller David Novak, in Australia on his way to the Singapore International StoryFest. Please see the flyer for this HERE.
Venue: Steiner House 307 Sussex St Sydney 2000
Date & Time: Tuesday June 11th, 7pm
Tickets: Adults $15, Conc $10,
Bookings & Enquiries: Joy Day 0451 152

Rudolf Steiner House

Sydney Rudolf Stiener House has ongoing talks and courses that are available, from short talks, to discussion evenings, workshops and members meetings. If you would like to contact Sydney Rudolf Steiner College about any of our courses or other information:   Address: 307 Sussex Street Sydney   Phone: +61 2 9261 4001 Email:   Click below to see what the calendar looks like for the next few months, Warm regards, Anett:


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EURYTHMY CLASSES - Ease, Form, Grace, Balance and Flexibility - Thursday mornings

EURYTHMY CLASSES  - Ease, Form, Grace, Balance and Flexibility

A new impulse of movement with Body, Soul and Spirit Open to teachers
121 Edinburgh Rd, Castlecrag NSW 2068 Email:

Please see flyer HERE:

The Christian Community​

The Christian Community​... a movement for the renewal of the religious impulse in humanity, founded by of the spiritual scientific work of Rudolf Steiner. Please click below for information about their playgroup, youth group, services, talks and events that are coming up. 
To us it is given at no stage ever to rest. There live and there strive active human beings from life to life, as plants grow aloft from springtime to springtime. Ever raising themselves, through error upward to truth, through fetters upward to freedom, through sickness and death upward to beauty, to health and to life.’ Rudolf Steiner


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This week's Blackboard Beauty

This week's blackboard has been drawn Class 3 teacher Katherine Arconati for their 'Measurement' main lesson. They have been exploring the ancient forms of measurement.